7th Century AD

  • 620 - Khazars destroy the Khanate of Great Bulgaria.
  • 630 - Mohammed takes Mecca
  • 634 - Islam spreads across the whole of Arabia
  • 636 - Battle of Yarmuk. Byzantine victory over Arabs
  • 637 - Battle of Qadisiya. Arab victory over Persia
  • 640 - Peace concluded between Emperor Heraclius and Caliph Abu Bakr. Nineveh falls to the Arabs.
  • 641 - Death of Emperor Heraclius. Fall of Ctesiphon to Khalid ibn al Walid.
  • 642 - Battle of Nehavend. Arab victory over Persia.
  • 643 - Fall of Persepolis. End of Sassanid Persia.
  • 645 - Berbers capture Algiers from Byzantium.
  • 650 - The Rashidun Caliphate is overthrown by Uthman of the Ummayad Caliphate.
  • 653 - Uthman is murdered and replaced by his son Al-Wahdiq.
  • 666 - Al-Wahdiq destroys the Kushans.
  • 668 - Al-Wahdiq starts incursions against the Khazars.
  • 669 - Merv defects to the Arabs.
  • 670 - The Byzantines declare war on the Ummayads in support of their allies. Devastation of the Principality of Merv, by the Khazars.
  • 673 - Sack of Mecca.
  • 674 - Siege and peace of Antioch.
  • 676 - Fall of the Khazars to the Ummayads.
  • 680 - Septimania declares its independence from the Visigothic Kingdom.
  • 682 - Septimanian Royal Family established at Narbonne.
  • 695 - Khazars absorbed by the Patzinaks.
  • 698 - Emperor Leontios of Byzantium defeats the Lombard princes of Salerno and Benevento at the battles of Benevento and Praeneste. Is overthrown by Tiberius III in his absence from Constantinople.
  • 699 - Tiberius's reformation of the College of Cardinals.

8th Century AD

  • 702 - The Khan of the Danube Bulgars surrenders his independence to the Patzinaks.
  • 745 - Berbers capture Constantine from Byzantium.
  • 750 - Franks lose Provence to Septimania.

9th Century AD

  • 800 - Foundation of the Royal Company of Septimania
  • 802 - Danube Bulgar Khanate formally annexed to the Patzinak Empire.
  • 812 - Septimania invades Corsica. The Battle of Sartene sees the Septimanians defeated by a Byzantine Fleet.
  • 813 - Peace of Toulon signed between Septimania and the Byzantine Empire.

10th Century AD

  • 968 - The Visigothic Kingdom of Iberia collapses when it runs out of rulers. Three successor states are proclaimed.
  • 969 - King Roderic of Andaulasia is defeated and killed by Lord Odemir of Goth-Iberia at the battle of Rio Valentina. Valencia and the surrounding area is annexed to Goth-Iberia.
  • 970 - Lord Gundobad of Galicia annexes Navarre. In response, Odemir of Goth Iberia ravages Gundobad's provinces of Asturias and Galicia.
  • 971 - Gundobad is beaten and killed at the battle of Pamplona.
  • 981 - Odemir of Goth-Iberia dies. Lord Alfredrik and Totila of Valencia take over.
  • 982 - Elective monarchy introduced in Goth Iberia. Alfredrik becomes King Alfredrik I.
  • 990 - King Alfredrik of Goth Iberia dies. Totila of Valencia is nominated to be his successor..

11th Century AD

  • 1035 - The Franks start conquering the Visigothic successor kingdoms.
  • 1052 - Murabit Yusuf is defeated by the Empire of the Songhai. The Almoravids are hunted and driven from the Songhai Kingdom
  • 1054 - Seljuks invade Ummayad territory.
  • 1055 - Capture of Merv, which becomes the capital of the Sultanate of Great Seljuk. Battle of Kabul.
  • 1057 - Battle of Tabriz. Caliph Mahdiq of the Ummayads agrees a peace.
  • 1058 - Murabit Yusuf dies. His son, Murabit Yusuf Khalifah, takes control of the Almoravids and leads a northern migration
  • 1060 - The Franks complete their conquest of Iberia. The Almoravids invade Mauretania. Capture of Fez.
  • 1061 - The Berber dynasty of Mauretania is extinguished at the battle of Kairoan.
  • 1062 - Carthage becomes a vassal state of the Almoravid Empire.
  • 1066 - Carthage Crisis. Emperor Romanus of Byzantium threatens war against the Almoravids after Byzantine officials sent to arrest Nicodemus of Carthago were executed by the Almoravid army. William the Conqueror creates the Kingdom of England.
  • 1070 - Seljuks declare war on the Byzantines
  • 1071 - Battle of Manzikert - Seljuk victory.
  • 1072 - Battle of Dorylaeum. Byzantine victory. The two enemies conclude a definitive peace, giving Armenia to the Turks, but otherwise leaving the situation as it had been before the war.
  • 1075 - Death of Murabit Yusuf Khalifah, Grand Sharif of the Almoravid Empire.
  • 1087 - William I of England dies. Normandy and England go their separate ways.
  • 1094 - Seljuk Sultanate begins to fragment. Prince Tutush dies, leaving Aleppo in turmoil. Prince Ridwan declares war on his brother Duqaq and defeats his forces at the Horns of Hama.
  • 1095 - Ridwan enters Damascus and restores unity to his Syrian domain.

12th Century AD

  • 1100 - Henry I becomes King of England.
  • 1105 - Henry I invades Normandy.
  • 1106 - Henry I wins Tinchebrai.
  • 1108 - Battle of Caen draw between English and Norman forces. Henry evacuates Normandy.
  • 1109 - Treaty of Le Havre between Normandy and England. Robert of Normandy becomes a full vassal of the French king.
  • 1120 - White Ship Tragedy
  • 1124 - Foundation of the Khanate of the Qara Khitai
  • 1130 - Sheikh Merin's Salt Boycott in Almoravid Empire.
  • 1131 - Almoravids under Murabit Yusuf Tariq II invade the Empire of the Songhai. Invasion fails and results in rebellion in the Maghreb. Murabit Yusuf Tariq II commits suicide.
  • 1132 - Rebellion in the Maghreb quashed by Tariq's son, Murabit Yusuf Tariq Abdullah at the Battle of Bomika
  • 1133 - Songhai invade Almoravid Empire
  • 1135 - Death of Henry I of England. War of Succession between Stephen and Matilda.
  • 1136 - Byzantines invade Almoravid Empire. Byzantines defeated by Murabit Abu Saed at Sabratha. Robert of Normandy claims English throne.
  • 1137 - Second Rebellion in the Maghreb. Muwahhid Abdul Yusuf assassinates former allies Sheikh Merin and Sheikh Abu Wad and then marches on Bougie.
  • 1138 - Fall of Bougie. Robert of Normandy invades England.
  • 1139 - Fall of Constantine
  • 1140 - Fall of the Almoravid Empire. Muwahhid Abdul Yusuf founds the Almohad empire, which controls Algeria.
  • 1144 - Marvian rebellion in Seljuk Empire. Robert of Normandy dies.
  • 1145 - Alp Tegin of Merv takes Merv.
  • 1147 - Battle of Kermenshah
  • 1148 - Battle of Sultaniya. Sultan Qilich Arslan II of Hamadan accepts the independence of Merv. Seljuks of Hamadan relinquish title Sultan of Grand Seljuk for the first time.
  • 1154 - Carthage annexed to Byzantium
  • 1155 - Murabit Bomilca Saed, Sheikh of Thapsus, dies. Thapsus annexed to Byzantium. War between Kairuoan and Byzantium ends in a stalemate, which is resolved later that year. Death of King Jeheba Ali of the Almohad Kingdom. In Uzbekhistan, Alp Tegin is killed by the Ghuzz Turks.
  • 1162 - The Almohad state converts to Christianity. The Sheikhdom of Kairuoan soon follows suit.
  • 1175-1180 - Time of Troubles in Merv.
  • 1179 - The Ghuzz Turks sack Samarkand.
  • 1180 - Murabit Abu Saed dies. Kairuoan descends into civil war and anarchy. Seljuks of Hamadan re-adopt title Sultan of Grand Seljuk.
  • 1181 - Kairuoan annexed to Byzantium.
  • 1190 - Khwarezm declares its independence from Merv.
  • 1192 - Ascendancy of Sanjar the Magnificent to the throne of Merv. War between Merv and Hamadan.
  • 1193 - Seljuk Armenian betrayal. Sultaniya campaign. Second battle of Sultaniya. Destruction of the prestige and empire of Qilich Arslan IV. Seljuks of Hamadan finally abandon the title of Sultan of Grand Seljuk.
  • 1194 - Peace between Merv and the Ummayads.
  • 1195 - Sanjar of Merv declares war on Khwarezm.
  • 1196 - Merv declares war on the Qara Khitai.
  • 1198-99 - Sanjar of Merv campaigns against the Ghuzz.
  • 1199 - Khwarezmi-Khitan coalition invades Persia. Siege and battle of Urgangh. Sanjar of Merv slain.

13th Century AD

  • 1200 - Persia annexed to the Khwarezm Shahdom.
  • 1220 - The Khwarezm Shahdom is destroyed by Genghis Khan Temujin.
  • 1258 - Hulegu Khan sacks the Ummayad Capital at Hifez. End of the Ummayad Caliphate.
  • 1259 - Mongol Genghis Khan Mongke dies. Hulegu turns back from his attack on Medinah.
  • 1260 - Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII launches an invasion of Mesopotamia, taking advantage of the absence of Hulegu Khan. His forces reach Basra.
  • 1261 - In the footsteps of Alexander, Michael leads an invasion of Persia. Hulegu Khan returns and inflicts a crushing defeat on him at Shiraz.
  • 1265 - Hulegu Khan dies.

14th Century AD

15th Century AD

  • 1402 - Byzantine defeat by Tamerlane at the Battle of Ancyra.
  • 1405 - Death of Tamerlane.
  • 1428 - Konstantin Zapatos discovers the North American coastline.
  • 1431 - Konstantin Zapatos colonises New Crete.
  • 1440 - Konstantin Zapatos dies at Kaffa.
  • 1441 - Sailors from Egypt reach Mumbai in India.
  • 1470 - Michaelos Paolaegios discovers the passage to India via the Cape of Good Hope. He lands in Goa.
  • 1491 - Michaelos Paolaegios II makes contact with the Aztecs for the first time.

16th Century AD

  • 1516 - Belisarios Konikas attacks the Aztec Empire. He reaches Tenochtitlan but is unable to take the city so he sacks Texcoco and Tlacopan then returns to the coast.
  • 1517 - On his second incursion, Belisarios is slain in an ambush by Aztec soldiers.
  • 1519 - A retribution expedition sent from New Crete, led by Theodosios Konikas, Belisarios' brother, attacks the Aztec Empire and allies with the Tlaxcala.
  • 1520 - Tenochtitlan falls in a bloody naval assault that sees more than half of the Byzantine force slain and three quarters of the defenders slaughtered. Theodosios becomes the first Viceroy of New Byzantium. Cunacpa declares himself the Aztec Emperor.
  • 1522 - Cunacpa is hunted down and slain in an assault on his mountain stronghold.
  • 1525 - Tlaxcala becomes part of New-Byzantium.
  • 1526 - The last known Aztec rebel leader is defeated and executed.

17th Century AD

18th Century AD

  • 1776 - Foundation of the United States of America, in rebellion against the British Empire.
  • 1780 - The Byzantine government sends aid to the US soldiers.
  • 1783 - The Treaty of Constantinople guarantees US independence.

19th Century AD

20th Century AD

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