This timeline outlines important historical events for the World of Lesnaya alternate history. It will be continually updated over time. I currently have plans for the timeline extending through the 1900's, but it will be a while before I can get everything online.

Feel free to give suggestions on discussion pages, but all additions to the timeline will be by invitation only, at least for the present time. Thank you.

Note: Events that are not entered in boldface are events that have not been significantly changed from OTL.


1701-1717 – Great Northern War. Sweden successfully defends its empire from a coalition of Denmark-Norway, Saxe-Poland-Lithuania, and Russia. Russia's rise to power is delayed, and Sweden remains the main power in the Baltic region.

1719-1720 – Swedish Invasion of Norway. Charles XII of Sweden finds an excuse to invade Norway, but is killed in the invasion. His sister, Ulrika Eleanora, ascends to the throne and successfully negotiates peace with Denmark (securing Bornholm Island for Sweden in the process), and averting war with Russia. Despite Sweden's nominal victory and territorial gain, Denmark's power in the Baltic is increased, and Sweden's is decreased.

1733 - Colonization of Tobago. The Swedish attempt to colonize Tobago is successful, and Tobago becomes a Swedish crown colony.

1741-1743 – Russo-Swedish War. Russia invades and retakes St Petersburg and environs from Sweden, finally gaining secure hold of a warm-water port.

1756-1763 – Seven Years' War. Sweden sides with Britain and Prussia during this war, and primarily fights with Russia. Russia conquers Sweden's Baltic provinces and Vyborg, but Sweden successfully retakes Estland and also takes control of Karelia and the Kola Peninsula. The Treaty of Riga (1763) between Sweden and Russia officially trades Kola and Karelia for Livonia and Vyborg.

1770s-1780s – Overseas Colonization. Sweden establishes a number of small colonies in the Caribbean and western Africa. Several conflicts with Denmark are averted by skillful mediation by the British and Dutch.

1788-1789 – Thorwald Svanholm's first voyage. Swedish explorer and naturalist Thorwald Svanholm circumnavigates Tasmania (proving it to be an island) and makes landfall on the island. Also sails along the coasts of New Zealand.

1791-1793 – Thorwald Svanholm's second voyage. Svanholm visits Tahiti, Hawaii and Easter Island (documenting the usage of rongorongo by the Easter Islanders).

1796-1797 – Thorwald Svanholm's third voyage. Svanholm visits Easter Island again with a linguist (Johan Rudolf Ahnqvist) to document rongorongo script. He then visits the Galapagos Islands, after which he establishes a practice of keeping giant tortoises on his ship for food stores.


1800-1801 — Thorwald Svanholm's fourth voyage. Svanholm sights Antarctica from a distance, the first man ever to do so. He then rendezvous with a Swedish colonial fleet to set up a Swedish settlement on Tasmania.

1804 – Ascension of Napoleon. Napoleon Bonaparte declares himself Emperor of France, and initiates the Napoleonic Wars.

1804-1815 – Napoleonic Wars. Napoleon's France and European nations within his Continental System of boycotts against Britain and Sweden, engages a fluctuating series of coalitions in repeated wars. During the war, Sweden's king is killed and replaced by Sven I, who orchestrates the conquest of Norway, then Denmark, dissolving both monarchies into the Kingdom of Sweden.

...more to come...

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