Early 1943: The Blackshirts rebel in Britain, and cause Operation Sealion to go into effect. Mosley is put in charge of the Country. The Empire is uneasy with the new Fascist Government, except South Africa.

Mid 1943 The Italian monarchy is expelled replaced by the Italian Social Republic.

Nov 1943 The Japanese invade Hawaii.

Late 1943 The US, England, Italy, Nazi Germany, USSR, and Finland sign the Treaty of Madrid to end the war.

1944 Finland happy with the gains of the USSR leaves the Axis.

1945 Spain joins the Axis.

1945: India, Canada New Zealand and Australia begin discussing rebellion.

Late 1945: With the Soviet Union now fighting Japan, the USA wins the war with the sea invasion of Tokyo. The Soviets get north Tokyo and a fifty mile radius around it and the north island, the Americans get the rest.

1947 Argentina joins the Axis

1944-1948 The World campaigns begin with each country taking back most of their land and England taking some colonial Asian powers. Spain and Portugal enter a Union. Argentina goes for Chile. The two minor axis powers (Spain, Argentina) spend this time mostly focusing on infrastructure.

1948 The USA changes its name to USW.

1949 The Conference of Monaco happens which creates the Realm system.


1951 The Chinese Civil war begins with the Communist rebellion in China.

1950-1956 Walls are made to increase the separate Realms.

1951-1953 Chinese civil war

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