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Timeline for World Without Flight (WIP)


6/28: Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated.

7/28: Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia. Russia then moves against  Austria-Hungary.

8/1: Germany declares war on Russia, and also signs a secret alliance with the Ottoman Empire.

8/2: Germany invades Luxembourg.

8/3: Germany declares war on France. Belgium doesn't allow the German army through to France.

8/4: Germany invades Belgium to outflank the French army. The United Kingdom declares war on Germany.

8/6: Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia. Serbia declares war on Germany.

8/11: France declares war on Austria-Hungary.

8/12: The United Kingdom declares war on Austria-Hungary.

8/22: Austria-Hungary declares war on Belgium.

8/23: Japan declares war on Germany.

8/25: Japan declares war on Austria-Hungary.

9/1: Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire.


5/23: Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary.

P.O.D. 5/31: The London Firestorm starts, killing around 100,000.



7/11: The last of several attempted revolutions is put down, in Russia, leading to Tzar setting up a parliament, though it is a puppet set up, to keep the people happy.

Figuring Out When

X/X/19XX: Revolutions lead to the Socialist Republic of France and the United Kingdoms of the Socialist Isles.

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