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This page is about Scenario: World War 1950 's timeline.




Korean borders in December 1950

Communism begins to develop on Earth. China has already become a communist in the previous year, and now the North Korean and Chinese forces make the joint attack on South Korea. This leads to the United Nations to go to war in South Korean side. American troops are attacking the far occupied Japan to North Korea, and British forces from Hong Kong. The battles will take place, but the communist forces hit South Korean troops down and occupy Seoul in November 1950, under North Korean rule. The war exacerbated by Europe, NATO and the Soviet Union intervals. The war in Greece was last year, but the Democrats defeated the Communists. Now, it is suspected that the Soviets are involved in the Korean War. United States, of course, add more troops to Anchrorage, for fear of the Communists invasion of Alaska, through the Bering Strait.

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