World War 1938 - 1953 - TIMELINE

Timeline 1913 - 1933

  • 1st March 1913 - Karl Maisner was born in Litomerice, Austro-Hungary empire.
  • 1914 - 1918 -> Great War, collapse of German and Austro-Hungary empire, Czechoslovakia became an independent democratic state.
  • 25th October 1918 - Bolshevik coup in Russia
  • 1918 - 1922 -> Russian civil war, one of bloodiest conflict in first half of 20th century.
  • 1919 - Czechoslovakian-Hungary and Romanian-Hungary war, end of Hungarian Soviet Republic, establishing military counterrevolutionary dictatorship of Admiral Horthy.
  • 1921 - Established Fascist Italy
  • 1927 - Large building of Czechoslovakian army, Czechoslovakian army became elite strong military formation.
  • 1931 - Karl Maisner conscripted. Sudetendeutscheland nationalists bands radicalizing under pressure of national socialism.
  • 30rd January 1933 - Adolf Hitler became German chancellor.
  • Unknown date ??? Meeting of Hjalmar Schacht (Nazi-chief banker) with Krupp, Ford, Bank of England representatives and Bank of Swiss representatives. Unknown goals of meeting, probably collaboration between Nazi Reichsbank, industrial corporations and western banks.

Timeline 1933 - 1937

  • 23rd April 1933 - Soviet-German military cooperation ceased on Hitler's order. Soviet Commandarm Tukhachevsky invited German generals to last celebration meeting. German generals considered by Hitler goals to conquer whole Europe and by cooperation with western banks.
  • Unknown date in April 1933 - Karl Maisner became professional Czechoslovakian soldier and NCO, despite his Sudeten-German origins.
  • 10th May 1933 - Celebration in commissariat of defense of USSR. General Guderian gave top secret information to Soviet army commanders about Hitler military goals, he warned Commanders Tukhachevsky and Yakir about Hitler plans.
  • 29th June 1933 - Soviet army commanders warned Czechoslovakian government about Hitler plans.
  • 1st July 1933 - group of top-rank officials and army officers of Czechoslovakian Republic met in ministry of national defense of Czechoslovakia. President Masaryk, minister of national defense Bradac, minister of foreign affairs Eduard Benes and Emil Stransky as civilian officials and General Syrovy with commander Simon Drgac as army officials. Benes informed whole group about secret information from Soviet commanding. President Masaryk and army officers are nervous. Emil Stransky, armament engineer and chief of national armament industry promised re-organisation of armament industry and rebuilding military-industrial facilities. Group agreed with building defense of Czechoslovakia.
  • 19th October 1934 - unknown armed groups of civilians attacked convoy of weapons and ammunition for 45th Infantry Division (Karl Meisner unit). Karl and two comrades survived attack and evacuated last of three ammo trucks away from armed rebels. Other trucks are destroyed by enemy attack. Government gave order to arrest Sudeten radicals and find ammunition and weapons stockpiles of Sudetendeutscher Freikorps terrorists bands.
  • 21st December 1934 - in Berlin, at Prinz-Albert-Strasse SS HQ, Hitler and Göring met with Himmler and Heydrich. Himmler and Heydrich informed Hitler and Göring about collapsing of terrorist activities of SDFK. Hitler is annoyed. Heydrich informed Hitler about large supplements of weapons and ammunition from United States of America and about secret meetings between Czechoslovakian and Soviet military commanders.
  • 21st May 1935 - Parliament election in Czechoslovakian Republic. SdP (Sudetendeutsche Partei) became strongest party with large support from Sudetendeutsche minority (ca. three million citizens of Czechoslovakia). However, right-wing, liberals, social-democratics and German-loyal parties established government coalition. Communists, Fascists, Slovakian nationalists and SdP do not have chance to became government party.
  • 30th May 1935 - German Abwehr sent 5000 tons of supplies (weapons, ammunition, uniforms, medical and food supplies ...) to SDFK. Victory in election became strong impulse for German nationalists.
  • 20th December 1936 - Marshal Tukhachevsky met with British General Archibald Wavell and warned Wavell about Soviet intelligence GRU and about connection between Nazi and British bankers. Soviets pressed on British leadership to press on Romanian leadership for right to cross Romanian territory to help Czechoslovakia in eventual war.
  • 25th December 1936 - King Mihail informed Czechoslovakian government about military support in all territory questions.
  • 2nd May 1937 - Czechoslovakian government meeting. Because of health causes, president Masaryk resigned and new president became Eduard Beneš. Czechoslovakian army commanding informed government about rewriting defense plans against Nazi Germany. General Syrovy and Krejci informed about Soviet invitation for army commanders to secret meeting in USSR. Government agreed with meeting in USSR. President Beneš wrote secret protocol called "About territory stability of Czechoslovakian State". Government agreed and became full responsible for defending of Czechoslovakia and for disagree with all Hitler proposals about territory question.
  • 20th May 1937 - Moscow, commissariat of defense. Secret meeting between top-high ranked Czechoslovakian army commanders and Soviet commanders with presence of commissar of foreign affairs, Maxim Litvinov and commissar of armament industry Ruczhykov, became the most important event. Commissar Ruczhykov agreed with list of Czechoslovakian demands for their army supplies and weapons and ammunition. Czechoslovakian army became rearmed by Soviet military. Tukhachevsky and Yegorov agreed with Syrovy and Krejci to build multilateral military complex in Carpathian Ruthenia as "last stronghold" in war between Germany and Czechoslovakia. Soviet promised one army and one independent division (44th Elite Rifle Division). Commanders of Soviet intervention forces became Alexander Yegorov, Mikhail Tukhachevsky and Ivan Belov.
  • 22nd May 1937 - start of "great purge in officer corps" in USSR. Camouflage operation => all arrested and "executed" officers are sent to Czechoslovakia or to top-secret residence in Romania. Officially - Red army lost 30,000 army officers. Stalin want war with Germany because he knew his superior military power.
  • 14th September 1937 - Mr. President Masaryk died in castle Lany. His son Jan decided to became next president after Eduard Benes, in 1938 elections.
  • 28th September 1937 - Czechoslovakian-Soviet-Romanian military complex in Carpathia Ruthenia is completed. 10,000 Czechoslovakian, 1000 Romanian and 2000 Soviet troops arrived and became population of complex. "Arrested" Soviet officers became new military advisors in complex.
  • 23rd November 1937 - Soviet elite units under leading of Ilia Starinov arrived to Czechoslovakia, main core of special forces is 1st Motorised Rifle Brigade NKVD.
  • 20th December 1937 - Adolf Hitler asked his officer staff for plan to invasion to Czechoslovakia. Von Manstein, Guderian and von Kleist became main planners and architects of "Fall Grun".
  • 30th December 1937 - Karl Meisner became lieutenant of newly formed 5th Elite Motorifle Division of Jan Zizka z Trocnova.

Timeline 1938 - 1941

  • 5th February 1938 - Hitler generals completed Fall Grun plan.
  • 12th March 1938 - Another contingent of Soviet troops arrived to Carpathia Ruthenia. 44th Elite Rifle Division was stationed in secret army base near Banska Bystrica. 7th Mechanised Corps became stationed northern from Zilina and whole 11th Army builded garrison near secret commanding center. Romania sent 4th Army with independent 7th Cavalry Brigade.
  • 20th April 1938 - German spies informed Hitler about large Soviet presence in eastern Czechoslovakia. Hitler disagree with recommendation to stop invasion.
  • 29th April 1938 - Benito Mussolini arrived to Paris and met with Edouard Daladier. Daladier agreed with destroying Czechoslovakia through war with Germany. He do not believe about Soviet presence in Czechoslovakia. Chamberlain to disagree about presence Soviet units in Czechoslovakia.
  • 7th June 1938 - USA lost connection with secret bankers pact of Germany-France-Swiss-UK. USA revenged by sending weapons and ammunition to Czechoslovakia. 5th Elite Division is whole rearmed by foreign weapons (US and Soviet made weapons).
  • 12th September 1938 - NKVD commandos on Jan Masaryk order arrested all SDFK commanders and their families took as hostages. Activities of SDFK collapsed.
  • September 1938 - Camouflage operation called "Munich Agreement" began orchestrated by UK, France, Italy and Germany. All bit clever peoples knew it is only false operation.
  • 30rd September 1938 - Czechoslovakian government disagree with Munich Agreement.
  • 1st October 1938 - Nazi Germany declare war against Czechoslovakia. Fascist Italy sending through annexed Austria 45 000 "elite" troops (which mean they can use weapons).
  • 2nd October 1938 - SS paratroopers and Luftwaffe did large airborne attack in all borders area and in border cities of Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakian troops few days ago captured secret documentation from one of high-ranked SDFK commander, with locations of German airborne attacks. German paratroopers are completely wiped out by secret machine guns nests and sniper positions. 14 fallen Czechoslovakian troops, 526 killed German SS paratroopers. Moment of shock was too big and overwhelmed their "elite abilities". SS-Panzer Divisions and regular Panzer Divisions crossed borders in direct attack way to Liberec, Ceske Budejovice and Chebsko. Soviet 21st Tank Brigade with 5th Elite Division arrived to As in Chebsko and defended city for 19 hours. Soviets lost 200 troops and seven tanks, 5th Elite Division lost nine troops and one armoured car, Wehrmacht lost 469 troops and 17 tanks due good fortified defense positions and poor condition of German armoured forces.

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