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  • Jacob Taylor gains a charter by Congress to establish an American settlement in Northern Australia.
  • The colony, known as New Plymouth, quickly becomes a haven for Native Australians fleeing British genocide.


  • The British government institutes a warning to the American government to abandon New Plymouth, as they claim Australia to be a "zone of British interest".
  • However, recently elected President Nathaniel Macon refused Britain's claim stating that "unsettled regions should be open to the colonization of everyone".
  • British ships in New South Wales attack New Plymouth, leading to the American-British War.


  • Britain surrenders after two years of fighting, leading to the signing of the Treaty of Philadelphia.
  • The treaty forces Britain to surrender all of its colonial possessions to America, officially founding the American Empire.


  • The United States Congress signs the Commonwealth Act of 1827, reforming the United States government so that the colonies would be given representation in Congress.


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