The following is a timeline of the White Russia timeline.


  • June 10: the White Army captures Ekaterimburg and takes the Romanovs as their own prisoners. This victory over the Red Army gives the Whites widespread support throughout the world.
  • July 12: The Finnish parliament agrees to let General Mannerheim help the White Army.
  • July 15: The newly-formed Finnish Legion attacks the Bolshevik army in Northern Ingria.
  • July 20: The Finnish Legion lay siege to Petrograd.
  • August 1: Soviet forces are driven out of Baku by British forces. The Centrocaspian Dictatorship is formed.
  • August 15: Estonian and White Russian reinforcements arrive in order to help the Finnish Legion. Petrograd surrenders.
  • September 10: Kazan and Perm fall to White Russian forces. Further Western help arrives in favour of the White Army.
  • October 2: Red forces in Central Asia are forced to retreat to Khiva after a White victory in the Battle of Kokand.
  • October 6: Menshevik forces form a truce with the White Army. The Menshevik and White armies meet in Bukhara and defeat local Bolshevik forces.
  • November 3: The Finnish Legion and other western White troops rendezvouz with the British Expeditionary Force in Puudosi, East Karelia.
  • November 15: Alexander Kerensky comes back from exile in France and returns to Petrograd.
  • November 25: White armies capture Minsk.


  • February 15: The Soviet government begins to plan out terms of surrender after the White Armies enter OTL Tula Oblast.
  • March 2: The Soviet armies in T'bilisi and Yerevan are defeated by local armies.
  • March 11: Volgograd is taken by White Armies. Stalin surrenders and is imprisoned.
  • March 20: The Red Army surrenders to the Whites after a crushing defeat in Tula. The terms of the defeat, mentioned in the Treaty of Russia allow the Socialist parties to form a legitimate political party in Russia and the leaders not be imprisoned.

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