334 B.C.

Persia defeats Macedonia in the Battle of Granicus, civil war begins within Macedonia because of this defeat. Peace is made between Persia and Macedonia.

333 B.C.

Persia enters a long period of peace and prosperity. Macedonia is in shambles, Greece does not invade, believing that there is little advantage in invading the East.

331 B.C.

The Carthage-Greek war begins.

330 B.C.

Greece wins a major sea battle, marking the turning point. The Roman Empire (not so big yet) warns Greece that if peace is not made and if Greece occupies Carthage's capital, then it shall go to war.

328 B.C.

Carthage, with its navy in shambles and its capital occupied, it ceases to exist. The War of Carthage Succession (Greece v Roman Empire) begins. Armed revolts begin within the Roman Empire.

327 B.C.

The Roman Invasion force has problems getting past Greece's Navy and even after they get to the coast Greek warships arrive.

326 B.C.

The Roman invasion force is now trapped and has its back to the sea, it cannot be saved for the navy is busy with the Main Greek Fleet. Revolts continue in Rome, as people demand a end to the needless war.

324 B.C.

The Roman Empire, with not much option surrenders. The Roman Empire splits apart into groups of small nations

321 B.C.

Whats left of the Roman Empire defeats Persia and takes Israel and Palestine (this means that the history of Christianity is the same with few changes).

312 B.C.

King Appius Claudius Caecus, a man who moved from Rome to Greece, is killed by Macedonian assassins, this leads to The Greek-Macedonia War (Greece,Persia v Macedonia). Persia joins the war, knowing that a formal alliance would lead to a world with no war.

310 B.C.

Macedonia surrenders, Greece becomes world power with Persia besides it.

298 B.C.

The Euro Alliance is formed, with its members being The Roman Empire, Greece and Persia. In Asia, Bindusara, the man who would replace his father as emperor of the Mauryan Empire, dies of a strange disease, this leads to the Mauryan Civil War of Succession.

297 B.C.

The Roman Empire, with some help from Greece invades the tribes of Germany, due to continues raids. The Athens-Rome Pact is signed. In Asia, the warlord state of Jiangxi declares war against the tribes of Manchuria.

296 B.C.

The Germanic people of Germany are wiped out, Greek settlers move into the new territory, the German land is split between the Roman Empire and Greece.

295 B.C.

The Tribes of Manchuria are all but obliterated. Greece and the Roman Empire are now the two superpowers of the world. The Civil war in India ends, with only two nations standing: The Marthan Republic and The Mughal Empire, these two empires would stand until European explorers showed up.

270 B.C.

After years of peace in Europe, The Roman Empire declares that the barbarians of the Balkans would be eliminated. The Roman Empire begins its invasion, it is a total surprise and the Greek Armies fall back. The Siege of Athens Begins.

268 B.C.

Greek troops make a final stand in Athens, it fails and the Romans enter the capital. Greek re-enforcements are able to trap the Romans in Athens. The Main Roman Legion tries to send reinforcements to try to break the encirclement, but Greek raiders continue to harass them.

267 B.C.

The remaining Roman troops within Greece surrender, this is a major defeat for the Roman Empire and the turning point for Greece.

266 B.C.

With the end of the war near, Greece launches a seaborne invasion on the coast of Naples.

265 B.C.

The Greek-Rome War finally ends with Greece as the victor. Government Officials in Greece begin what is now known as Cultural Colonization, which means the spreading of Greek influence and religion.

962 A.D.

A Rebellion occurs in Hερναξψ (Greek for Germany), but Greek is able to push it down harshly.

Greece's Holy Messengers (a Greek who spreads the influence and religion for Greece) end their long trips. Greece now begins to spread Greek citizens around the influence limit. (From Scotland to the Ural mountains)

969 A.D.

Greece's Position


Greece Citizens are all in wealth even the poor are well. The Middle class family has recently been created and is the most diverse of all the classes.


With little corruption and many loyal senators, the government is now leading the people through its golden age; not to mention it is the first nation to be a republic.


The Military is the most strongest in the world. Its Navy is the backbone of the military and is strong enough to stop any invasions from the sea. The army is one of the best in the world, it is right behind the Persian army as the largest and strongest in the world.

Persia's Position


Although lacking the much needed middle class, many Persians are living in luxury, but it is little compared to Greek society.


Strong and well armed, the Persian army is the strongest in the world, but its navy is not in a position to challenge Greece.


Corruption is the main problem within the government right now, this has lead to some major decisions that have hurt the empire itself.

Recently adopted Greek culture and philosophy.

5 A.D.

Years have passed since the revolution in Germany, but recently many occupied territory's have been given the right to form there own government and nation. Although some stay, most break away. The Persian Empire keeps its isolation policy and does not interfere with this break away.

1000 A.D.

Time has passed and yet the Persian Empire and Greece still stand. Greece has found a route to Asia and Greek Messengers land on Japan, with others landing on China and India. The Persian Empire, although a strict isolationist, expands into Africa. New Rominia (Italy) is flourishing with wealth due to a great amount of trade. The Frankathens Empire (France) has adopted Persia's isolation policy after a crushing defeat in the Frank-Saxon War (995-999 A.D.). The Saxon Republic (Western and southern Germany) has recently defeated Frankathens in the Frank-Athens war and is casting its shadow over nearby nations. Greece, New Rominia, and Framkathens form the Euro Defense Alliance to stop any further expansion of Saxony. The Republic of Zeusonia (Britain) has began its own expansion in Britland, but has been unable to capture "Land of the Green" (Ireland).

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