1692- The 1st International Conference is held, in Geneva, Switzerland.



1776- The American Independence War begins when United States declares itself independent from Great Britain. Within months, the British capture George Washington.


1781- The British hang George Washington publicly in New York. In response, Washington's successor, Israel Putnam, leads an attack in Manhattan days later, killing numerous British soldiers, including Cornwallis. The British Government surrenders, and United States becomes an independent nation. Israel Putnam is elected as American President, with Benjamin Franklin as vice president.

1789- Thomas Jefferson succeeds Israel Putnam as American President. John Adams is his vice president.


1791- With the approval of a law allowing the American President to choose his vice president, President Jefferson fires Vice President Adams, and hires George Clinton to replace him.



1809- Thomas Jefferson resigns from the American Presidency, after serving over 5-terms. He is replaced by his vice president George Clinton. He chooses James Madison as his vice president.


1817- James Monroe replaces George Clinton as American President. Daniel D. Thompkins is his vice president.


1825- John Quincy Adams replaces James Madison as American President. John C. Calhoun is his vice president.

1829- Andrew Jackson replaces John Quincy Adams as American President. John C. Calhoun is his vice president. Jackson is the first American Democrat to hold the office.


1837- John C. Calhoun replaces Andrew Jackson as American President. Martin Van Buren is his vice president.


1841- William Henry Harrison replaces John C. Calhoun as American President. Harrison soon dies and is replaced by Vice President John Tyler. Francis Granger is appointed as Tyler's vice president.

1845- James K. Polk replaces John Tyler as American President. George M. Dallas is his vice president.

1849- Zachary Taylor replaces James K. Polk as American President. Millard Fillmore is his vice president.


1850- American President Zachary Taylor dies. Millard Fillmore is inaugurated as American President. He chooses Winfield Scott to be his vice president.

1853- Franklin Pierce replaces Millard Fillmore as American President. William R. King is his vice president.

1857- James Buchanan replaces Franklin Pierce as American President. John C. Breckenridge is his vice president.


1861- The Confederate Independence War begins, when the southern states meet in Montgomery to discuss secession. Abraham Lincoln replaces James Buchanan as American President. Hannibal Hamlin is his vice president.

1862- During the Confederate Independence War, Confederate General Robert E. Lee leads his troops to Washington, capturing President Lincoln. His vice president, Hannibal Hamlin, escapes Washington to Maryland, and moves the American Capitol temporarily to Philadelphia. He becomes interim president. At the International Conference, both Great Britain and France express interest to grant CSAindependence.

1863- During the Confederate Independence War, CSA wins the Battle of Gettysburg. American General George McClellan is captured. Interim President Hannibal Hamlin surrenders, and signs the 1863 Treaty of Austin, granting them independence and territories up to California. The Confederates agree to release all POWs, including President Lincoln and General McClellan. But as Lincoln escapes, he is assassinated. Hamlin is inaugurated as American President, choosing McClellan as his vice president.

1865- Horatio Seymour replaces Hannibal Hamlin as US President Thomas A. Hendricks is Seymour's vice president.

1865- Jefferson Davis starts his second term as Confederate President, with Alexander Stephens as vice president.

1867- The Confederates purchase Sonora and Chihuahua from Mexico, uniting them with Confederate New Mexico to create the Confederate state of Sonora.

1868- The Oregonian Independence War begins, when Oregon declares independence. President Seymour declares it will not end with secession. It does, and Oregon gains independence in 1880.

1869- During the Oregonian Independence War, Oregon signs a deal with Great Britain, saying that if the British help Oregon, Oregon will allow the British monarch to be their sovereign (a sovereign chooses the president of the nation). Alexander Stephens replaces Jefferson Davis as Confederate President, with Robert E. Lee as his vice president.


1870- Confederate Vice President, and war hero, Robert E. Lee, dies in office. He is replaced by the Confederate Minister of State, Judah P. Benjamin.

1871- CSA purchases Cuba from Spain. It becomes a state.

1872- The Confederate state of Utah secedes to create the Mormon Dominion of Deseret. As the Confederate Constitution allows secession, CSA accepts it.

1873- Thomas A. Hendricks replaces Horatio Seymour as American President. Samuel Tilden is his vice president.

1877- Samuel Tilden replaces Thomas A. Hendricks as American President. Winfield Scott Hancock becomes his vice president.

Judah P. Benjamin replaces Alexander Stephensas Confederate President. He signs a bill ending slavery, which causes disruption in the nation.


1881- Confederate President Benjamin is assassinated. His vice president, Pierre G.T. Beauregard, replaces him.

Grover Cleveland replaces Samuel Tilden as American President, the first republican to hold the office in almost 20-years. Thomas F. Bayard is his vice president.

1889- The League of Nations is formed. Friedrich Muller becomes first League President, with Peter Calvin as League Prime Minister. The League Parliament is also formed.


1893- William Jennings Bryan replaces Grover Cleveland as American President. Adlai E. Stevenson is his vice president.

1894- League Prime Minister Peter Calvin announces he will run for the League Presidency, after his first failed attempt for the office. He forfeited a renewable term for League Prime Minister to Francois Passy.

1896- Francois Passy replaces Peter Calvin as League Prime Minister.

1897- William McKinley replaces William Jennings Bryan as American President. Garret A. Hobart is his vice president.



1900- Peter Calvin replaces Friedrich Muller as League President.

1901- American President William McKinley is asssassinated. American Vice President Theodore Roosevelt is inaugurated as American President. He chooses Charles W. Fairbanks as his vice president.

1905- The Russian Revolution begins, when the Russian Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, attack the Russian Imperial Palace. Within months, the revolution is over and the Russian Empire is replaced by the Socialist Union of Russia, with Vladimir Lenin as Russian President, and Leon Trotsky as Russian Prime Minister.


1910- Francois Passy replaces Peter Calvin as League President.

1913- Woodrow Wilson replaces Theodore Roosevelt as American President. Thomas R. Marshall is his vice president.

1914- Austro-Hungarian Archduke Francis Ferdinand I is assassinated. The League of Nations sends Peacekeepers to investigate. Nonetheless, Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia and its ally Montenegro. Germany does the same. France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherlands, declare war on Germany and Austria-Hungary. The Europe War. Russia and Great Britain stay out of this war.

1915- CSA sends soldiers to its ally Germany for the Europe War. This angers President Wilson of the United States, but he does nothing. Germany takes control of the Low Countries and northern France.

1917- Robert Lansing replaces Woodrow Wilson as American President. James M. Cox is his vice president. Woodrow Wilson eventually becomes League Prime Minister. In OTL, Wilson stays in office until 1921, since United States enters World War I. But as World War I is prevented, and ended early, he leaves office early.

1916- The 1916 Treaty of Milan ends the Europe War. Austria-Hungary annexes Serbia and Montenegro. Germany annexes Luxembourg, and Belgium becomes the democratic Flemish Free State of Belgium, and is not allowed to unify with Netherlands. Germany controls all French territories in Africa, south of the equator.

1919- Benito Mussolini becomes Italian Prime Minister.


1920- James Eric Drummond replaces Francois Passy as League President.

1921- Warren G. Harding replaces Robert Lansing as American President. Calvin Coolidge is his vice president. Russian President Vladimir Lenin resigns from office. Leon Trotsky becomes Russian President, with Josef Stalin as Russian Prime Minister. Tensions between the two ensue.

1923- American President Warren G. Harding dies in office. Calvin Coolidge replaces him. He chooses Charles G. Dawes as his vice president.

1924- Geacomo Matteoti is arrested. In OTL, he is executed, but in ATL, he is imprisoned for life.

1925- Herbert Hoover replaces Calvin Coolidge as American President. Charles Curtis becomes vice president.

1928- There is an attempt on the life of Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini, when a bomb explodes in public where he was visiting in Milan. Prime Minister Mussolini ordered a memorial be built for "those who died in his stead."

1929- Al Smith replaces Herbert Hoover as American President. Joseph Taylor Robinson becomes vice president. Smith is the first and only person from the American Socialist Labor Party to be president. The Italian Government pays its citizens to settle in Africa. Oil is discovered in Italian Libya, making Italy extremely rich. The Great Depression hits, and the American Smith Administration is tested. They fail.


1930- Sean Lester replaces James Eric Drummond as League President. He is the first and only Irishman to take a League Executive office.

1932- The Franklin D. Roosevelt/Herbert Hoover ticket win the 1932 American Presidential Election against Al Smith. Roosevelt is assassinated later on, however, and Hoover is inaugurated in his stead, the first and only American President to hold two non-consecutive terms (in OTL, that title belongs to Cleveland).

1931- The Sino-Japanese War begins when Japan declares war on China, conquering Chinese Formosa. The Chinese Civil War that is going on is put on hold as Chinese Communists and Chinese Nationalists sign a temporary ceasefire to combat against Japan.

1933- Herbert Hoover replaces Al Smith as American President. John Nance Garner is his vice president. Adolf Hitler replaces Paul Von Hindenburg as German Chancellor.

1934- Adolf Hitler holds a plebiscite to make him Führer of the German Reich, replacing Kaiser Frederick I as head of state of the nation. It passes, but Kaiser Frederick I refuses to sign it. In response, Hitler holds a coup forcing him to. Hitler becomes the first Führer of the German Reich

1935- The New State of Portugal is founded, with Salazar as president, and dictator. Italy conquers Ethiopia, creating the puppet state of Abyssinia, with Victor Emmanuel III as its emperor.

1936- The Spanish Revolution begins. The Sublime Ottomam State, under the rule of Prime Minister Kemal Ataturk, becomes the Ottoman State of Turkey, with Ataturk as prime minister, and dictator. Greece enters a dictatorship under Ioannis Metaxas.

1937- Japan conquers Manchuria, turning it into the puppet state of Manchukuo. Italy conquers Albania. John Nance Garner is inaugurated as American President, with Cordell Hull as vice president. German Führer Adolf Hitler meets with Austro-Hungarian Emperor Otto I, forcing him to unify with Germany. Emperor Otto I holds it to a plebiscite, which Hitler manipulates and cheats so it passes.

1938- Italy purchases all British territories in Africa for over two billion Italian lira. Plaek Pibulsonggram becomes Siamese Prime Minister, and dictator. The Polish-German War begins, and Germany conquers Poland.

1939- To prevent war, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain speaks to Führer Hitler. They sign the 1939 Munich Pact, which states Germany will not attack Great Britain and Great Britain will not interfere with German affairs. The Spanish Revolution, and Francisco Franco is inaugurated as 1st Leader of the Spanish State. Fascist nations all over the world meet to sign the Fascist Axis. Siam becomes Thailand. Germany sends "undesirables" into ghettos.

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