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The Accident

  • 1986, April 26th - Four reactors explode, as the mistake of technicians, nuclear power plant workers. 13 people die from explosion. 59 are hospitalized (two of which die in hospital) to Paris, France .
  • 1986, April 27th - Over 1500 people die from radiation. High radiation is now in 20 km diameter around Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. Citizens are informed of Pripyat river being irradiated. More than 20% of Chernobyl population is evacuated to Paris.
  • 1986, April 28th - Over 1960 people died that day. High radiation is now in 50km diameter around CNP. Now, 35% of Chernobyl and its surrounding area's population is evacuated.
  • 1986, April 29th - 2149 people died from radiation that day. High radiation reached 81km radius from CNP. Now, 59% of Chernobyl's surrounding area's population is evacuated. Belarus SSR begins evacuation of Jelsk, Mazyr, Brahin and other surrounding cities.
  • 1986, April 30th - 3594 people died from radiation that day. 98% of Chernobyl population is evacuated, while others refuse to leave their homes. USSR is forced to declare Ukraine independent, in order to cover the accident, to make it look like it was fault of Ukraine - not Soviet Union. High radiation reaches 236km radius.
  • 1986, May 1st - 4296 people died from radiation that day. Evacuation to Paris continues. Meanwhile, a huge nuclear, radiation-proof bunker is being built in London, United Kingdom . First Ukrainian President elections are scheduled for May 5. Kyiv is ordered for evacuation.
  • 1986, May 2nd - 6,13 people died from radiation that day. More and more cities are being ordered for evacuation. High radiation reaches 403km radius. The wind moves most of the radiation to the west, but due to it being too high, it also moves north and south. Half of Belarus is covered by high radiation.
  • 1986, May 3rd - 14,293 people died from radiation that day. High radiation bounds Kyiv, Vilnius, Vitebsk, Smolensk, Bryansk, Chernihiv. The wind changes its path to south.
  • 1986, May 4th - 9493 people died from radiation that day. This indicates that most of south-from-Chernobyl cities were prepared for this and most of these were partially or fully evacuated. On the morning, the wind has become slightly slower, reducing the spread of radiation.
  • 1986, May 5th - 15,429 people died that day. In the morning, the wind direction changed to east. Moscow is covered with high radiation, while the evacuation has not yet even started. Soviet Union declares Belarus independent, because soviet government cannot pay for evacuation in that area any more. Lithuania, that day, also asks for independence, but does not receive it. 23 people are injured as a rebellion starts in Vilnius after five hours. NATO begins the plans on how to lower the casualties to zero. West Germany is ordered to be evacuated. Paris begins to build a massive nuclear bunker, funded by EU.
  • 1986, May 6th - 9492 people died that day. Strong wind from the west. Muscovites have begun to evacuate from their capital city with their own equipment and vehicles. Many robberies occurred that day, when almost everyone was struggling to steal a gas mask from those who had it. Because of no expectation of radiation, Soviet government never had time to prepare the gas masks for production.

The End of Cold War

  • From 1986, May 7 to 1987, May 7 - 2,170,000 people have died from radiation, due to lack of anti-radiational supplies, such as gas masks and radiation suits. Various "clans" were created who were causing chaos or just trying to survive in communities.

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