The alternative timeline if World War I was extended and America was more involved in it and possibly head starting a technological arms race. In this universe, Zimmermann, the German foreign diplomat, was able to send a message to Mexico, which promised the territory that Mexico once held from America.

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  • P.O.D : 1916- Mexico agrees with the Central (Axis) Powers' "Zimmermann Telegraph" and begins militarization, and soon its armies double in numbers. Mexican Artillery is then turned on American border, but America tries diplomatic means to make peace to sustain its neutrality. Mexico, then begins to prepare to attack; as a response, American soldiers begin to line and fortify the border. Canada attempts to derive their main forces to the America-Mexican border; America refuses due to its neutrality, which would end in the months to come. Mexico, soon assaults and invades Texas, and then German soldiers are shipped to Mexico City and the Mexican border via routes that involved a route parallel to South America. This is when America enters the War, as it finally accepts Canada's auxiliary soldiers.
  • The Preparedness Movement cause a influx of home-town militias and people signing up for the army. U.S.A troops are able to keep the Mexican and small German forces at the border and at the front lines of the Texas "War Zone." While inside, Mexican Forces deal with rebellion, while German forces were able to quell the rebellion to a small fighting force. Many Mexican rebels then fled to neighboring countries; some even made it through to America.
  • March 1917- A paramilitary army led by Pancho Villa met with Major General John J. Pershing and his 4,800 soldiers after Mexican military tried to extend through the border. Though Pancho Villa and the U.S.A had troubles before, as the U.S.A had sided with the Mexican Government during the Mexican Revolution. They were planned to make a small indentation into Mexican territory; reinforcements joined and the entire force turned to 12,500 men. Days later, 1st Airborne Squadron was used as aerial reconnaissance, and the force was able to move through the Mexican territory until they were met at the Battle of Guerrero. 870 cavalry were sent as to easily take the small town of Guerrero to use as a temporary military base. The Mexican Army and some German infantry were crossing near the town; noticing it. the Mexican/German forces started a skirmish with the small division. It ended with a Central Powers victory, though with large casualties.

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