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10th Millennium BC

1000: The augment on the sea levels don´t sink the Atlantic Islands.

6th Century AD

582: St. Brendan arrives in St Brendan Archipelago

10th Century AD

920: The Norse finish colonizing Greenland and begin exploring Markland (OTL Northern Canada).

11th Century AD

1001: The Norse under Leif Ericsson start a settlement at OTL Boston.

14th Century AD

1347-1397 The Black Death wipes out all of Europe.

15h Century AD

1422: The Muslims settle in OTL Norway.

16th Century AD

1539: China starts colonizing Southern Vinland, conquering the Tauantinsuyu (Inca Empire).

The Kingdom of New Jerusalem is founded in OTL Northern Colombia, Panama, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

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