This timeline explores the possiblibty of Icelandic Vikings, lead by Leif Errikson, establishing a permanent colony in Newfoundland instead of being driven out by the natives, new colonies are later established in the Americas by different nations.



900: The Byzantinians begin an offensive in Mesapotamia against the local Muslim warlords. Pope Benedict IV becomes the 117th Pope, succeeding Pope John IX. Constantine II takes the Scottish throne from his late cousin Donald II.

903: Viking's invade England and Northern Scotland, including the Hebridies and islands surrounding the northern tip.

970: Leif Errikson is born in Iceland sometime around this era. Eric the Victorious becomes the first King of Sweden. The Byzantines defend themselves against a babarian onslaught, eventually emerging victorious. 

Middle East

900: Persian scholar Rhazes distinguishes smallpox from measels. 

Asia 901: The Kingdom of Hu Goguryero is established on the Korean Peninsula.


970: The oldest Islamic University is established in al-Qahirah (OTL Cairo) is established.

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