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Timeline: Pre-UN Ownership

  • 1520 - In November Magellan enters the Pacific (the peaceful sea). In December, Hans of Aachen, a German gunner and one of the 18 survivors of the voyage; recounted seeing a strange sight at night and then dismissing it.
  • Magellan did enter down the location, to investigate it when they come back on the return trip. However, the coordinates were accidentally written down wrongly then where they were; stating the location was farther east north-east, then it was stated; making people believe it was Easter Island that they found.
  • 1620 - 1670?: - East Indies Company found the Peace Island; by using Han's accounts. He had his account told to a scholar, who wrote it down in German, and it stayed in an Abby near Aachen, under the rule of Holy Roman Empire. About a hundred years later or so an East Indies Company, which one is unknown but they found islands set up a small port because how hard it was to reach the island and cross the barrier reefs.
  • By the late 1700's something happened, all that were not native on the islands were dead; men, women, children, and beasts. East Indies Company just cut their losses and left.
  • 1860"s - Bismark came to the knowledge of the Peace Islands, and set a small military-scientific expedition to the islands. And when the expedition return, he was astounded with the information. A group of 21 islands that are protected by two Barrier reefs (an outer barrier reef that nearly completely encircles the island group with a gap that can only allow one ship to pass it at a time. And inner barrier reef that encircles the inner # islands). Plus a 22nd island that lies outside the outer barrier reef that was inhabited by a small group islanders that called it: Freedom island, because they were "free" of the "sleeping sickness" that took over the other islands. they think those islands have evil demons.
  • 1871 - The Imperial German Military Intelligence (Abwehr) specifically the Kaiserliche Marine unde Abwehr (AKM) was created, their main purpose was to hide the existence of the island group, they were ordered by Bismark and the Kaiser, to hide the existence at all cost. They sent agents all across the world, they infiltrated every country, corporation, society, and organization that was involved in maritime and geography. Even if they are "moles " in another countries intelligence service, and if they must do operation against Germany, to protect the existence, they were ordered to do so.
  • Also using the immigration of German citizen into Chile and Argentina; AKM used it to hide secret operation and to fortify the protection of the island, ferrying materials and equipment to the island.
  • 1875 - The construction of the Multi-Island military installation commence. Mining, excavating, building, plus scientific research.
  • 1876 - Construction of the Undersea Base "Atlantis"(a work in progress, will change later).
  • 1878 - SMS Nautilus. The first U-strager (Unterseestrager) or Undersea carrier.
  • 1884 - Bismark "changed his mind" on colonialism, was to help keep the secret of the Peace Islands.
  • 1885 - The beginning construction of the world first underwater sea base: "Atlantis Base".
  • 1900 - Fr Erin Ratzinger, a young Catholic priest that survived the Boxer Rebellion in the defense of North Cathedral Catholic Church known as The Beitang, in Peking. Became the Military Chaplin for the Peace Islands. The only priest (and Catholic) for all the (Lutheran) personnel that were there. Because of the Anti-Roman Catholic policies of the Bismark Government, he passed himself off as a Lutheran pastor.
  • 1905 - Through scientific and medical research they found the cause of the "Sleeping Sickness" a(n) .... . By 1907 they created the cure and vaccinated all the personnel on the Islands to make sure that it would not happen again.
  • 1914 - A small vial of the "Sleeping Sickness" was accidentally or purposely sent out to Europe and became the epidemic that went around the world from 1915 to 1925. After the incident of the "missing vale", structural protocols were in place, all research must stay "in House", until it is deemed necessary for the outside world to know the existence of the research; and everyone was vaccinated in 1915.
  • 1914-18 - World War I, scientific and engineering research and technology excelled.
  • 1919 - With the lost of the war and their colonies, Germany used these opportunity to help hide their greatest prize: The Peace Island. Herman Göring, as the last commander of Jagdgeschwader 1, the famous "Fly Circus", was one of the only few pilots and navigators to know the location of the Island; AKM used his commercial pilot as a cover to deliver people and equipment to the islands.
  • 1923 - A young scientific prodigy: Dr. Milla Metzger, a 23 year old, with two assistant/guardians arrive to the Peace Island, She was said to be the "Female Einstein or Galileo of her time". She excelled in all scientific fields: Physics, Biology, Bio-Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mathematician, Genetic, Eugenics and many more. With her contribution the research in all fields excel in leaps and bounds.
  • 1925 - Created the electromechanical computer "Adolf" or A1 (OTL: a combination Harvard Mark I, Zuse Z4 and C SIRAC).
  • 1929 - "Adolf 2" or A2 was created. It was the first transistorized supercomputer (OTL: CDC 6600).
  • 1931 - Integrated circuit was created the A3 (OTL: Illiac IV), that led to in 1932 the microprocessor. in 1933 A4 (OTL: Cray-1).
  • 1932 - The Head of Administration and Science Research had an "accidental death", this allow Dr. Metzger to be the head of all non-military personnel and operation. She also, came out public in her SA (Sturmabteilung) uniform, that she wore under white Lab coat.
  • Pr(Fr). Ratzinger "saw the writing on the wall", and started to keep his head down and out of the way. He even complied by being part of the Evangelical Church in Germany or Reich Church in 1933, to keep the charade.
  • 1933 - In March the first slave labor of "Undesirables" arrive to build the Reef Walls and all other remaining construction and mining.
  • 1937 Map of the complete Human Genome, but already map genome of cat, dog, horse, monkey by 1933.
  • 1936 - Oct - First Japanese Imperial Forces and a contingent from Special Research Unit arrive with Chines force labor. The Japanese Commander Col. Nagataka Miyamoto, he was a Second Lieutenant at the Siege of the International Legations in Peking during the Boxer Rebellion, he is a Kakure Kisrshitan (Japanese Roman Catholic) and recognize Pr. Ratzinger. They became good friends and had secret mass together, the Commander pledge to protect from all harm. Because the Fascists could not be trusted.
  • 1937 - Nov - First Italian contingent arrives.
  • 1939 Transparent aluminum, this allowed to create the dome for "Atlantis Base".
  • 1939 - Aug - First Soviet Forces arrive, Stalin use this opportunity to "alleviate" his gulags population, using the guards as part of the military contingent.
  • All parties agree to have a month rotation of 2/3 of any country military at "Atlantis Base". In this way, every one will have undersea duties.
  • 1941 - During the night of 20 June, Dr. Metzger reversed the oxygen flow to the barracks section of "Atlantis Base" where the Soviet contingent was staying on their month rotation. All remaining Soviets disarmed or killed, those that were left were placed in the Slave Labor Camp.
  • 1942 - By May all major construction was done on all the island, Dr Metzger ordered that all except 1,000 of the healthiest "specimens" of the Slave labor, and the rest can experience the "Final Solution". Any more labor can be supplemented from captured POW's. These slaves will be used to do the manual labor and upkeep of the island.
  • 1943 - In Sept with Italy changing sides, the Italian unit was worried that they would experience the "Final Solution", but because they were all Black Shirts (MVSN) fanatical Fascists, they were unapproachable.
  • 1944 - A5 (OTL: Cray XT5 "Jaguar"). Created the successful hybrid of Chinese silkworm and Adolf Bark Spider (Darwin's Bark Spider); to create the new hybrid species: Metzger's Silkworm Spider, making a silk with the average toughness of the fibres is 2600 MJ/cu m or 8260 MPa. Adolf bark spider was found on a preliminary survey of Madagascar in 1932 for the Madagascar Plan.
  • 1945 - Late March, Dr Metzger ordered slave labor to be executed.
  • 1945 - 30 April - Somehow a vial of the Sleeping Sickness was released and started to infect all the island, Starting with Nazi Medical staff, Nazi military, the rest of the research department, and then went all over. Only Pr. Ratzinger had the immunity because he was the only one left of the 1915 personnel that was vaccinated.
  • By 5 Sept all except five people were left: Fr Ratzinger; Japanese Commander Col. Nagataka Miyamoto; Otto and Ingrid "Metzinger", the two were Metzinger assistant/guardian but actually they were her slaves; and Pirrin Maximilian Machiavelli Nietzsche, a young 25 year old Fascist Australian Geneticist of Prussian descent.
  • During Mid-Sept Pirrin kills Col. Miyamoto, Otto, Ingrid, and thought he killed Fr. Ratzinger but didn't. He stole a "confiscated" motorized sailing boat and filled it with as much scientific equipment and technologies, plus research that he could fit on the boat and sail to Chile to get back to Australia. Planning to return to steal more knowledge. But was unable to get back before the UN found it.
  • 1945 - Odessa was created to sneak Nazis to South America and then send them to the Peace Islands to continue the fight or start the Fourth Reich, the problem was the last link was broken; the ship that was to take them to the island was sunk at sea with all hands with their first passengers and rendezvous point in the small Chilean fishing village was also burned down. So when the Nazi arrive to the small fishing port to meet their contact, they were not there, so the Nazis had to bend in with the population of South America.
  • Fr. Ratzinger stayed by himself on the Main Island until his death, of Aug 4, 1957. Two months before Sputnik 1 finds it.

Timeline: Pre-Interlude UN Ownership of the Peace Island

  • Atlantic Charter (14 Aug 1941) First step in formation of UN.
  • 1st Washington Conference or Arcadia Conference (1 Jan 1942) Declaration by United Nations for the Allies of WW II, and was the basis of the modern UN.
  • 3rd Moscow Conference (30 Oct 1943) Moscow Declaration (the basic blueprint for the UN)
  • Tehran Conference (1 Dec 1943) The UN Organization was tentatively agreed to.
  • British Commonwealth Prime Ministers Conference (16 May 1944) Agree on Moscow Declaration
  • As part of the Tehran Conference, a Multinational force would be created after the war. With the American having the first military leader, then Soviet, and then British, in that order, with France and China added later as part of the permanent member of the Security Council.
  • By 1 July 1944. Several US commander were suggested to be picked: Patton, Bradly, Roosevelt, and others. Patton was refused by the British, Bradly was to valuable, as was many others. But, Roosevelt had a special qualities that was excepted by all parties, but they had to fake his death to keep the operation a secret. So on July 12, he had a heart attack, and was whisked away to secret base. At that point, to set up an operation to help in the 20 July plot, but was to short of time and the rescue of Rommel, the rescue team was two hours too late, from his apparent suicide of 14 Oct 1944.
  • Dumbarton Oaks Conference (21 Aug-7 Oct 1944) Structure of the Security Council
  • Yalta Conference (4-11 Feb 45) Set-up of UN Conference
  • UN Conference on International Organization or San Francisco Conference (26 June 45) UN Charter Signed.
  • During 1950-53 Korean War - 25 June 1950 - armistice signed 27 July 1953. The International Brigade on their first major operation (all other operation up to this time was battalion size) was a disaster; with 86% being killed (most of Soviet contingent did not participate for obvious reasons, only a battalion lead by Colonel Aloysha Zolnerowich participated) and the remaining 14% were mostly wounded. Maj. General Roosevelt died in Col. Zolnerowich arms, after being severely wounded. Col. Zolnerowich actually led a charge to rescue Roosevelt, when his position was overwhelm by enemy force. Because of the disaster operation and recovery, it became to be known as The Day of the Phoenix (or later as The First Phoenix). In memory and respect for Roosevelt, Zolnerowich became the new Commander-in-Chief of the International Brigade, he name the military unit, unofficially as "Rough Rider". Because of the multinational, multi-military branches en esprit de corps of the original of the 1st Volunteer Cavalry Regiment.
  • Stalin pressured the other permanent member into creating an all encompassing military command structure, a supreme military commander that would be in charge of all military forces in the world. All permanent member military would fall under direct control of the Supreme Commander (SC); SC will have temporary permanent command of the rest of the Security Council member-states as part of their obligation as being members of the Security Council. And all other UN member-states will give temporary military command to SC when a global event or global Martial Law occurs. Also, if any member-state is under a military dictatorship or military junta, SC can have complete military control is deemed fit to do so. Stalin proposal was submitted in 1 Oct 1952, with an explicit connotation from GM Zolnerowich, in a secret meeting with the other four permanent Council leaders that he would not allow Stalin to take advantage of these proposal. Even stating that he was actually a White Russian in hiding, and would do anything to stop Stalin from taking over.
  • General-Major Aloysha Zolnerowich dies in a mysterious plane crash, in late December of 52' (3 month before Stalin dies). Field Marshal Griffish Hedwyn Cadwallader, a Welsh officer take over command of the Rough Rider.
  • On Friday, 27 Feb in a secret Security Council meeting; (Secret Resolution 25 was unanimously adopted) The creation of the Supreme Commander position and command operation, plus responsibilities.
  • Joseph Stalin death 5 March 1953. a supposed cerebral hemorrhage on 1 March. It is believed in some international circles that it was payment for General-Major Zolnerowich murder.

Timeline: UN Ownership of the Peace Island

  • Sputnik 1 (4 Oct 57 - 4 Jan 58) Found the location of the Peace Island.
  • A Combined Joint Task Force made up with all five permanent members (especially when a Soviet naval task force was sailing to the area, the US, French, British and two (ROC) Chinese Squadrons coming from behind the Soviet task force). They agreed that under the UN Charter that all that is found inside would be shared equally. The discovery astounded them, with the engineering wonders, the breakthrough, and wealth of knowledge that was stored. The Peace Island researchers wrote down everything, and because of this the participating parties agreed to keep this location a secret. These Islands then became the Headquarters for the United Nation Elite Forces or known at the time as the International Brigade, they later become known unofficially as the "Rough Riders".
  • Oct 1962 - General Xiahou Dun, of the Republic of China Marines takes command of the Rough Riders. Xiahou Dun was his call sign, because he lost is left eye in combat fighting a company of communist Chinese in hand-to-hand combat, during the war. And because he is of the Wei State of China, and his last name was Wei.
  • 1 Oct 1971 - Marshals Thayer Lecuyer-DuFort, became SC before the handing over of membership of ROC to PRC. Marshals Lecuyer-DuFort, served in the French military, served in Chasseurs Alpins, Legionnaire, Troupes de marine, and Commando parachutiste de l'air (CPA 10). At that time he would be the most well verse SC in Rough Rider history.
  • 25 Oct 1971 - The People's Republic of China replaces the Republic of China (Taiwan) as permanent sole representative of China. As part of the agreement, Mao Zedong had to accept in writing that the Supreme Commander UN Forces would have complete control of the People's Republic military as stated in Secret Resolution 25, and his successor much also except it.
  • ___ 1979 The Second Phoenix occurred in the South Pacific Ocean, between Peace Island and Chile. 90% of military force was lost at sea. None of heavy ordnance was involved (Aircraft carriers, Helicarriers, Subcarriers, Battleships, Heavy Cruisers); only a Command Ship, Amphibious Assault ship, Amphibious transport dock, four Submarines and ten Frigates, plus Auxiliary support ship. It was a training exercise to see how to move a large force without bringing in the heavy ordnance could operate, as the world nation state also do. Whatever attack them, did it in under 5 minutes. Only thing that was left was oil slick, debris, and remains of bodies.
  • US Brigadier General Mark Jamison Sheppard became the new SC with the secret promotion to General of the Army (5-Star) rank. But later, he secretly received the rank of General of the Armies (6-Star) rank, (the only one to wear the 6-Star rank insignia), to be able to lead over other nation's military forces. He later, stated the Supreme Commander will be considered the official rank of Grand Marshal and propose a 7-Star insignia or its equivalence.
  • 1988 - The Third Phoenix occurred. In this battle entire General Staff and Joint Chiefs were involved. It was a trap to wipe out the entire UN force with a betrayal. It was a huge terrorist base in South East Asia. With how deadly and how many international terrorist group that was involved at the base, a general order: That every able-bodied personnel must be involved for the mission to succeed, even a company of Cadet Officers from the UN Military Academy was involved; they were teenagers and all had the rank of Third Lieutenant with one of them becoming a Brevet Captain to lead the company as their Company Commander, and Brevet 2nd LT for platoon commanders. The Command Sergeant Major of the UN Forces was the First Sergeant for the Cadet Company.
  • This made the UN Force to equal to a reinforce heavy brigade of nearly 5,000 troops, nearly the entire force, other then a Helicarrier, a Subcarrier and naval transports that was waiting in international waters, of the coast. There was general order of radio silence of 24 hours, to keep the operation a secret from the local nation-state; so the remaining forces of the coast did not know hat was about to happen. Two squadron of SuperCobra for Close Air Support, by one of the five permanent members, that was able to send adequate support. Because of the international situation at the time and with this particular nation-state, they had to deliver the troops and equipment into the Area of Operation in the middle of the night, within two hours. The attack on the enemy base was fierce, but that was a ploy; in truth, the enemy did a counter-attack in total of eight sided pincer-strike to completely surround the UN forces.
  • The Terrorist Coalition Force of 20,000 consist: Religious, Far-Left and Far-Right Extremist, Warlords and Organized Crime from all around the world. But the largest force (over half), was Clone Army of Dr. Gucythyad (Nietzche). It was created from the knowledge that he stole for the Peace island over 40 years before.
  • The betrayal started when the two squadron of AH-1W SuperCobra turn and fired on all the Command and Control element at the same time that terrorist forces sprung their trap, within two minutes every officer from the rank of Major (OF-3) and above was dead, except the SC: Gen. Sheppard who was dying. Plus, two-thirds of the officers rank Captain (OF-2) and below were dead. However, one of the great legacies of Gen. Xiahuo Dun, that of a strong base of NCO leadership. Knowing that enemy forces would kill officers first, he stressed that all NCO's, as part of their training, they would have officer-level leadership skill. It was Gen. Xiahuo Dun, in the 1960s that developed and implemented the concept that would late to be known as "Three Block War" and "Strategic Corporal" by US Marine Gen. Charles Krulak, in 1990s. The SC gave the order that any remaining officer to come to him immediately; only one was able to get to him: 3 Lt. (Bvt. Capt.) Victor Enrique (Rico) Mederos, a 15 year old Cuban-American, who was a child military protege; who SC. Sheppard was mentoring. On Sheppard deathbed, he promoted Mederos "on the field of battle" to the rank of Supreme Commander, and gave Mederos his last order to get his troopers out live.
  • Mederos first order was to clear the sky of the murderous traitor, in less then two minutes the two squadron of helicopters were destroyed. Then he heard reports that they were surrounded and communication was being jammed, and that the enemy was killing prisoners and the wounded. He took the personal responsibility of giving the order of "NO Quarter" to the enemy as the enemy was doing it first to his men and the survival of his troops were at stake. Enemy prisoners were so fanatical that they continue to kill as the medic tried to save their lives.
  • For an additional 12 hour of fierce bloody, near animalistic warfare, it became a "Pyrrhic victory", with all 20,000 enemy dead, the Rough Riders ended with 100 % casualty, of a starting force of 5,000, it ended with 500 walking wounded and 1,000 serious wounded (1/3 of the serious wounded did not make it by the next morning). Everyone was place on the wounded several time, not since the Japanese force that fought at the Siege of the International Legation of Peking that everyone was wounded repeated time and went back to fight again. The Helicarrier arrive to investigate after the lack of communication, after prearranged period of radio silence. The scene was total hell, the death and destruction was unimaginable. There was no way to hide the battle, and the nation-state that was ware the operation was held was more shock and grateful to the UN forces that sacrifice themselves to save their people of the threat then angered from out of the loop.

Timeline: Rico's Rough Riders Years

  • During the period of recovering their wounds, most of the remaining officers, had serious doubt and reservation in having a 15 year old as SC, especially in charge of all military operation of the world, and that was not including the international and political ramification that would entail. But, Gen. Mederos had a commanding presence and an ability to them, at ease. He should them that he was up to the task, but not arrogant to listen to their years of experience; however, he would act and show him that he had the knowledge of military warfare of a man with 40 years experience. He had a mastery for strategy, operational level, tactics, logistics, and over-all battlespace supremacy like no other person in history. He might not have coined the term: Battlespace; but he became the ultimate master of all of its concept.
  • He re-organize the military organization into five branches: Terrain (Army); Aquatic (Navy); Arial (Air Force); Aquatic (Marines); Guardsmen (Coast Guard/Military Police/Gendarmerie).
  • He revolutionize the basic training by ordering that all new recruits will go through two years of basic training, and officers will have an additional year of officer training.
  • He order the combining best training techniques and curriculum of every countries military (active, special forces [official and/or unofficial]); secret agency (official and/or unofficial); etc. in the world. To create the best training program in the world, so a trooper right out of basic training can be at par with most season special forces veterans, only having the lack in experience. But the former "child soldier", that is known as a trooper, would make a run for their money.
  • All troopers will learn all six official languages of the UN, fluently, officers will learn an additional two fluent, also. If any trooper that has any of the official language as their native language they had to learn an addition language for each native language they knew of the six. So, an enlisted would know 7+ languages and officers would know nine plus languages. With about 6,500 spoken languages in the world. And with many different regions of the world that the average citizen speaks three to five languages as a way of life (example: Europe, South-East Asia, Africa), it would be natural to know multiple languages.
  • All military personnel understood that they are signing-up for life; once they agree to join the UNEF they are in until they "Retired" aka: die in combat or old age; they are in for life. This make sure that any new recruits understand the importance and responsibility which they are getting themselves into.
  • An UN Military Academy will be built on one of the Peace Islands, it was built as a primary to collegiate level education military academy. A place to educate all personal that serve. It also give structure to "child soldier", and a safe place for them, compare to their prior war-torn hell. Some argued that it would be an indoctrination factory for the UNEF, but in truth, history will show that <= 25% of them join the UNEF; another 25% join as support personnel; and the rest would normally join into the rest of the UN six principal organs and specialized agencies of the UN organization. In these way, they would be a vital part in the service of the UN. Very very few leave the UN organization, those that do, join INGO, NGO, IGO and GPPNs that co-operate with the UN.
  • From 1988 to 1990, was a building period for the Rough Riders. The SC had to navigate through the international minefield that was known as "Diplomacy" and "Politics. he had to show the world leaders that he was real and was no push-over; and can stand "toe-to-toe" with the best of them.
  • He even made agreement with most of the world organized crime syndicates, that if they tried to do any operation against any member of the UN Forces and their family, that the full force would be unleash on that segment of that organization. (A Yakuza bōryokudan scuff at it, and said "Try It, we would destroy you to a man and then go after your families for good measure.) Within, 30 minutes the entire bōryokudan was destroyed physically and financially, to the man. This actually scared the other world organized crime syndicates into agreement, in no disrespectful to any of the leaders.
  • In 1989, the SC was informed by his Second-in-Command (2iC), call sign: "Princess" (a fellow 3Lt, of the 3rd Phoenix, and Plt Leader (PL) of 1st Plt of the Company that he led on that day), that her distant cousin, Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of England. Whatever happen, at the audience, but Rico, Princess, and Prince Charles was sent on a quest. When they returned, Life and World History shattering event had occurred; Queen Elizabeth contacted all of the heads of the Royal Family of Europe to a secret meeting at Buckingham Palace. When they were informed of the Earth shattering information, they all agreed that they would take her lead on the information, because she was the one with most to lose. With the assurance from Rico, she agreed that whenever Rico called for aid, England would be there and Europe would be there also. The Queen also was able to send a joint detachment of UKSF and JIC units to aid SC at all times.
  • 1990 - In early July, there was unusual activities in Iraq. SC sent Infiltrator/Pathfinder units into Iraq to gather intel and have a threat assessment. On July 31, Rough Riders was able to infiltrate a full Infantry Company of Iraqi Rough Riders (a force of 203 personal) (with SC also went with them), it was a mix force that consisted mostly of Sunni, Shi'ite and Kurds, with a few Turkmen, Assyrians, Yazidis: in that order. Their job was to gather intel for the coalition forces, locate hard points and weaken them, harass enemy forces, disrupt military communication. On 17 Jan 1991, one of their greatest achievement was knocking out 90% of the Air Defence of Baghdad, knowing that CNN was able to broadcast, (Rough Riders made sure), to the world; in a new stage of in Information warfare; nickname: "Video Game War".
  • 1991 - Jan 30 - On that day, Gen. Schwarzkopf, in a news conference, stated: "I'm now going to show a picture of the luckiest man in Iraq," was in actuality the SC with four other troopers in the car. They had to race to the other side of the bridge to do an operation, and they knew that the bridge was going to be destroyed. They were running three minute late, a little too close for comfort. And everyone in the car was praying to "God" in their own way - especially, when it hit just behind them.
  • They finished their operation in Iraq, but they were also able to recruit a very determined group of people, that felt that they are "Betrayed" by their Country, Culture, Family, and Religion.
  • After the First Gulf War, the Rough Riders, participated several major and minor operation rolls, UNOSOM I, with UNITAF (Operation Restore Hope), Yugoslavia Civil War, and others.
  • Rico went to one of the permanent council member and stated that if he wins his presidential election in 1992; the SC will go public to the world, and hopefully this act, would get the dependance on that nation-state off the hook as the "911 of the free world". Rico did warrant to be careful of the opposing political party of his country, they are known to "raise the dead" for election (1960 election); the Media is Slated toward that political party, there called "The _____ Media"; and there was Intel that they were behind economic problem of that country to win the election, "It's the Economy, Stupid". Plus, SC had a bad feeling about the opposition leader, believing that he was "too Slick", and acting to much like his Idol. But, Intel did state that the "Brains" of the operation was his wife; but because it was will known, that that political party was secretly: Racist, male chauvinistic, autocratic oligarchy totalitarianism socialist that blames the social and economic woes of the masses, on the other political party, and in truth the extremist of that other political party are "moles" of the first to destroy the second. An example: the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was pass because they saw the population and demographic change that was coming and wanted to eliminate an important base of the other party. As that President said publicly, "We have lost the South", but in truth, they wanted their agent in the White Supremacy movement a leg up to galvanize the southern populist.
  • 1993 - Jan 25 - SC went to the White House to meet the new President of the United States, he was escorted there by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Colin Powell; to discuss the agreement that he had with President Bush, with the Rough Rider in going public. When they entered the Oval Office, you could smell that someone had just had heavy sex in the room (a strong body odor that has a very distinctive aroma). SC knowing that the First Lady was not in the White House or in the vicinity at that time, Rico gave an accurate opinion of Clinton. SC apologies to Gen. Powell and left. Clinton was so outraged that he place a bounty of a Trillion US Dollar on Rico's head; dead or alive, preferably dead. For nearly five months, every ambitious assassin in the world tried to kill him, 32 CIA and/or secret operatives assassins died trying, plus over 200 hitmen; Clinton even tried to get negotiation of diplomatic immunity for "Carlos the Jackal", if he was willing to do it.
  • 1993 - June - By this time, after Clinton captured a five member fire team (one female and four males), the female was Rico's personal bodyguard whose call sign: "Shotgun", (because she always carried one and she was at his side in combat). Clinton sent a company of DNCC or DNC's to capture them, it was barely enough to capture the fire team, most of DNC"s died in the operation. Clinton ordered their torture to find the whereabouts of Rico, they said nothing; he and his men then raped, sodomized them, and then mutilated and murdered the men in front of her, chopping their bodies and placing them in garbage bags. Clinton sent her and her fire team's remains to Rico as a "present" with a warning that none of his "people" were safe.
  • The Rough Riders were infuriated and wanted blood, Rico ordered that nothing be done, he did not want to make him a martyr as his "hero", the secretly known human right violator: President John F. Kennedy. However, the rest of the violators had "accidents" that spread out for the next couple of years by Shotgun's hand.
  • 1993 - June - Rico agreed to end this by sacrificing himself. He would go under a form of deep hypnosis, a form of "Total Recall"(similar to the movie), he made a complete bio of an alternate life - a secret life that he's been operating under since joining the Rough Riders. Rico also created a trigger to "wake him up." The personality that he created was much of himself, but has a lack of charisma, a low self esteem, a low self doubt, and very low confidence to a fault; Rico also has a heart condition and that caused him to have a stroke at six months of age. This damaged several parts of the brain, but did not hinder him at all, but assisted in allowing him to have better memory and information storage capacity that normal person would not have; because of the Bio-technology that they had at the Peace Island this was possible. They used a form of nano-technology to create a "living" micro CPU in the "black" space in his brain. Under normal scan (CAT, MRI, MRA,...) they would not detect the "CPU"; when they are not activated or "dormant".
  • The Queen of England was against this, however, she accepted the assurance from SC that this was the only way, that international incident would not occur. From then on there was a cold relation with the Clinton Administration.

It's 2011, would the triggers still work, to save humanity?

The Secret History (The Event that happened behind the curtain of Time)

A secret Cult to the Lords of evil was created in ancient times, they combined all forces of evil into one pantheon of deities in to one deity per se, the Devil. Their mission in life to destroy all the faith in the world. To do this, there mission is done by two folds: 1) to destroy all religions of the world by promoting atheism and agnosticism; in ir-religion and anti-religion movement. 2) to destroy the base of all religion by using the extremist of those religions in the form of atrocities in the name of those religions (aka: The Crusades, Jihad, and etc.). For some reason, the Cult as no better name to call them at this moment, as there true name is secret, has a particular hatred toward the Abrahamic religions; they tried through the millennia to destroy it in all forms and branches, even to make the different branches to eliminate each other "In the name of God". They were the reason behind the constant division in Christian faith. Their greatest threat to them was the creation of the Catholic military orders, but through the years the Cult destroyed them in multiple ways to a point to secularize them to give them no strength to fight the Cult.


  • The Destruction of Rome

,*Friday, October 13, 1307, the day that King Phillip IV of a France, ordered the arrest of Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay and all Knights Templar in the French Kingdom and Templar property; because Phillip owed so much money to the Templars. After more bullying from Philip IV, Pope Clement IV then issued the papal bull Pastoralis Praeeminentiae on November 22, 1307, which instructed all Christian monarchs in Europe to arrest all Templars and seize their assets, and excommunicate the Knights Templar. Pope Clement made it official during the Council of Vienna in 1312 with a Vox in excelsio (which officially dissolved the Order), plus, Ad providam (essentially handed over all Templar assets to the Hospitallers); and in Paris on March 18, 1314, executed GM de Molay and other Knights Templar. However, it was found in Sept 2001, the Chinon Parchment. It was a parchment that was dated Chinon, 17-20 August 1308; that all the charges were reversed, but King Phillip IV forced the Pope to keep it quiet. Phillip was a high level member of the Cult.

  • The Illuminati was created in May 1 1776 on May Day to counter-balance what may occur in the British Thirteen Colonies.
  • The Young Hegelians started in 1831. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were members of the group that was a branch of the Illuminati.
  • As a Marxist, Vladimir Lenin, was a high member of the Cult, and was a leading row of the first branch of destroying all religion. He and his henchmen help persecute the Russian Orthodox Church as one of the symbol operations of the working people. So they created Soviet wing of the first branch.
  • The other wing of the first branch was Fascism, that also started in France and Germany, but culminated in Italy. But we can easily call it Nazi.
  • A third wing became the organized crime: they help finance, supply and give manpower to the other wings and branches for their corruption.
  • The Second Branch became Religious Fundamentalist. Their extreme view of Dogma, extreme persecution of "non-believers" helped isolate and destroy the religions that they were supposed to support, their original objective. They will be known as "Radicals"
  • So the Soviet-Nazi and Radicals attacked.
  • Joseph Patrick "Joe" Kennedy, Sr., a proud member that will be known as the Soviet-Nazi, was a member of the Irish Mob, into bootlegging during Prohibition. As a state-employed bank examiner, he helped cover the mob activities and "bought" Columbia Trust Bank as a front for money laundering. He was part of the "bear raid" that caused the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

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