Chapter 1 The Machine

-August 5, 2077

Professor Ghordon Bell has been working on the anti-gravity machine for years with NASA. The professor and his team of scientist had been studying quantum mechanics and physics since college and would like to invent the anti-gravity machine for NASA research. The anti-gravity machine was a spherical shape object with holographic buttons once turned on. The machine was merely a prototype but it was nearly finished. The machine was to be tested in New York.

On 6:54 pm, the team had begun testing the machine. The machine sends out magnet charges all over the room sending metallic objects in the air and shooting to or away from the machine. The team had to duck under the tables to prevent injury. The rage continued for a couple of minutes sending staples, magnets, bulletins, and other metal objects into the wall creating dents and scratches.

Within minutes the rage slowed down. The room was still in a frenzy and in a big mess. One magnet landed on the control panels connecting to the machine. The control panels blew into an electric frenzy shattering the room into a small electric shock. Lights flicker on and off as electricity pass through the room in minutes. The control panels finally explodes sending a fire into the room. Fires blew out, lights flicker on and off, while sirens blew red sending booming noise across the destroyed room. The team hid behind corners or tables.

The fires blew out most of the oxygen within minutes sending the team to an unconscious state. The lights blew out causing darkness into the room. The machine jolted into random stages flickering holographic pictures which mostly show its malfunctioning. The auto smoke detector contacted 911 immediately and the firefighters arrived outside of the building. Fire fighters storm in the room but the entire team was gone along with most of the equipment. The frenzy had slowed to a halt, but the room was a dark mess. Fires still roam half the room but now they are being put out. Within one hour, it had been confirmed that Ghordon's team was missing along with the anti-gravity machine.

Meanwhile, the machine bends time and space through dark energy, accelerating their descent through time-space. The team was still unconscious from the fire but the journey never affected their health. The machine created a warp hole through swirling time periods that seems infinite. The machine had created a time wormhole. It seems like the fourth dimension as lights, time, space, and the portal fused together sending the team into an unknown destination, if there is any. The portal seemed to go on for hours until an endpoint is seen. The endpoint had a blob of light and a mixture of rainbow lights. The team seemed to spiral down to the endpoint like a funnel. The team soon was engulfed in unimaginable amounts of light temporarily blinding the ones that woke up. The team felt gravity being formed and was hit hard in the head on a dirt road. Lights still blinded the scientist though they heard screams and blobs of figures as they regain consciousness. They do not know where they landed but with the small breeze they felt and the bright sunshine, it was not the lab or any place they've been through at all.

1775-1787 The New American Revolution



  • The team landed on a dirt road with screams and blobs of figures shape as humans. As the team clarify, they begin to see people surrounding them wearing old-fashioned gowns and clothes. Horse-pulled carriages rolled down the streets while small boys play football next to an old colonial brick house. The sky was blue and was empty of clouds. The team was visited by feared faces from the surrounding crowd as more people wearing 18th century clothes pile up to see these foreigners that came out from a blinding light. Whispers soon spread as saying these foreigners were either magicians, witches, or resurrected people. A horseman created a rift heading toward the center. The horseman was in fact George Washington himself after just leaving Boston in July.
  • Washington arrived at the center of the crowd with few of his men behind him. "What shall we have hear, another work of the devil I see," asked the lead horseman.
  • "Where or when are we?" asked Professor Ghordon whom seemed to be the least panicked.
  • "Why you are in this fine New York, the 6th of October; seventeen hundred seventy-five from the year of our lord. Should I have take pity or aggressive to this magic of your existence? I have ought to be surprised if not you could be one of the evil King George's apprentice."
  • "Wait. Did you say October 6, 1775?!"
  • "Well tis I not just say the day of today, you ought to be ill just sending your people here."
  • "What, no... Oh my gosh, we've traveled back in-I mean we traveled from a long journey sir. We are from ... umh ... Concord and we traveled here to flee the siege."
  • "Are you to be footpads, cutpursemen, nor just a thief? You look foul in those burned clothes, you ought to be in big trouble aren't ya."
  • "No, sir. We are mere inventors and would like to find a place to stay as our home is burned down. We managed to escaped from the fires."
  • "Well, that is a mere likely story, I shall take my word for it and let you stay at my humble home, but shall keep my eye on you unless you redeemed worthy for my trust for you. Come along then. Lieutenant, set these people to my home, immediately, but don't led them to pluck your eyebrows."
  • The team left from New York soon after, heading for Washington's house in Mt. Vernon. They never said anything during the trip, still startled on what situation they're in. Only once did Professor Jennifer said about George Washington, no one spoke and she shut her mouth for the rest of the trip. It was near winter and snow begins to pile up along Washington's house. For an hour, they sat at the ground not saying a word and sitting at a circle position. Since the machine broke when Ghordon landed on it, they have no idea how to get back. They began discussing a way back somehow but with 18th century technology, the team is in an abyss.
  • "Look we can't go home, that's for sure."
  • "Then, what are we supposed to do, hide in the shadows, we just made a spectacle out in New York, we might as well yell our names from this mountain."
  • "Okay then, let's just live off this time then."
  • "We can't change history it will ... well ... ruin things for the present day."
  • "We already did when we made a spectacle of teleported scientist in New York."
  • Within another hour, they decided to live off the 18th century, and at least make due with their skills since they already told their skills to Washington.


  • The team had made their own company in New York creating small inventions using 18th century tech. Many are surprise that women could be that smart, though there are doubts. They made a living out of it and soon was able to afford their own houses by the end of the month.
  • Professor Ghordon becomes the President of the Bell company, producing everyday things and creating new inventions. The company only has the current crew but production is well. The company expanded as the company sold power looms, bicycles, and the first food-preserving jar.


  • Washington met with the Ghordon company to agree on aiding the war. Robert Darwin (from the crew) develops plan for the first submarine and steamboats. Construction for these projects begin along with medical and military aid begins reconstruction. The crew knew they would change history, but would not allow Washington to be disappointed. Professor Jeniffer develops a vaccine for smallpox and measles.