NOTE TO HUMANS: We know you have a different timeline, but most dinosaurs use a different format. We go by the Laying of the Golden Egg, which was close to the point in time where the human Jesus was born. Thank you for taking the initiative to learn how to use the internet. We value this and hope more humans follow you on the path to learning.

Also, for your safety and the safety of others, do not try to pronounce dinosauran roars and cries. We do not want to clean up any vomit.

c. 65,000,000 Years BGE

  • An upsurge in volcanism brings the dinosaurs to their knees. An asteroid nearly hits Earth, lighting the skies up.

c. 54,000,000 BGE

  • The dinosaurs make a comeback

c. 40,000,000 BGE

  • Dinosaurs begin looking more hominid

2,000,000 BGE

  • Tyrannosaurus Habilis evolves

c. 20,000 BGE

  • Last glacial period ends.
  • Tyrannosaurus Sapiens evolve.
  • First known cave drawing
  • Tricerotopa Sapiens evolve

c. 15,000 BGE

  • Tricerotopa Sapiens Sapiens evolve
  • Alligators begin being kept as pets

c. 10,000 BGE

  • The Tricerotopan Neolithic Revolution begins. They begin intentionally growing plants.
  • The Tyrannosauran Neolithic Revolition begins. They begin growing animals to eat later.

c. 8,000 BGE

  • The Banshees (which are herbivores) begin both farming and animal husbandry.
  • The Tyrannosaurus Sapien creates their first empire: the AWROOOAAARR (Humans cannot pronounce this very well. Please don't make fun of them for it.)

c. 4,000 BGE

  • The Banshees form tribes and begin settling Britain and France.
  • The Dwarfosaurus creates the Lower, Middle, and Upper EGYPIAKARAAAAAN Empire.

c. 1,500 BGE

  • The EGYPIAKARAAAAAN Empire reaches a golden age. HATSHEPSAAAAAAWROAR (This translates to Hatshepsaurus in Human) rules.
  • The Mayauran civilization in Mexico starts.

c. 1,400 BGE

  • The Myceniasaurans capture Crete.

c. 1,200 BGE

  • ROARsese the Great rules EGYPTIAKARAAAAA

c. 1,100 BGE

  • Beginning of the Trojaraptor War
  • Archaeic period in Greece begins.

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