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This is a timeline for the events in the Triunfa, España! timeline.


  • January 2: The last Moorish kingdom in Spain, Granada, falls to Castillian forces.
  • April 9th (POD): Lorenzo de' Medici survives a complication of several illnesses, unlike OTL.
  • August 3: Cristoforo Colombo sails out towards the Indies in a joint Spanish-Portuguese-Florentine expedition.
  • October 12: Cristoforo Colombo reaches the island of San Salvador.


  • Mary Tudor is born in England. Unlike OTL, she is much less sickly and more well-looking.



August 4 (POD): The battle of Ksar el Kebir occurs between Portuguese and Moorish/Ottoman forces. Both pretenders to the throne are killed.


  • Henry VIII breaks from the Catholic church and forms the Anglican Church after a failed divorce attempt.


  • February 22: A civil war erupts with most of the kings and pretenders directly against Carlos I. The war, however, was won by the Spanish, as most of the other pretenders had under 10,000 troops under their command. That means that all armies were destroyed when Carlos brought a large Spanish army into Portugal and, at it's head, easily took over Lisboa.


  • June 24: Henry VIII dies of syphilis. Mary I, called Bloody Mary by many, ascends to the English Throne.
  • December 10: Crown Prince of the Spanish Empire, Phillip, marries Mary. Unlike in OTL, since Mary is more healthy than in OTL, Phillip falls madly in love with Mary, and the union continues.


July 25: Phillip of Spain ascends to the Spanish throne as Phillip II.


  • Mad for Mary's love (who hasn't died yet, unlike OTL), Phillip launches a conquering spree of Italy in her honor.


  • September 25: The Papal State falls to Spaniard forces after the Treaty of Rome.


  • Tuscany is annexed by Spain after the Treaty of Siena as a part of the Union.


  • August 10: Prince Eduardo is born in Seville.


  • June 14: Mary I dies after suffering for a long time from a sickness simply called The Plague by the royal medicians. Heartbroken, Phillip returns to Madrid.


  • Phillip dies of a combination of gout, fever and dropsy [now known as edema]. Eduardo ascends as the king of both England and Spain as king Eduardo I of Spain and Edward VI of England.


  • Scotland is annexed by the Union under the brilliant military campaign led by King Phillip III.


  • Protestant-Catholic tensions finally come to war in (mostly Hussite) Bohemia. This tension will later spread throughout Germany into the Twenty Years War


  • Protestant-Catholic tensions arise in the Union after the assassination of Phillip and the ascension of the devout Catholic Carlos, who moves the capital to Seville.


  • The Union breaks into the mostly Protestant United Kingdom of Great Britain and Italy and the United Kingdom of Iberia and Ireland.


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