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Timeline of Tooth and Claw


  • c.65,000,000 years ago: Due to cosmic perturbations, a giant asteroid fails to hit the Earth. Instead, it impacts the Moon.
  • c.55,000,000 years ago: Due to the increase in forestation of the planet's surface, as well as the changes in types of vegetation, many of the extremely large dinosaurs have either become critically endangered or extinct (sauropods, carnosaurs and megalosaurs), or evolved into smaller forms (stegosaurs, ankylosaurs and ceratopsids).
  • c.20,000,000-10,000,000 years ago: Due to the general global cooling and drying, some of the remaining large neodinosaurs become extinct. The various neoraptors, due to their down-like coating (which by now has become closer to fur), are able to cope with the colder latitudes better than their scaly cousins.

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