18th Century

  • 1763 - The Seven Years War ends with the Treaty of Paris. One of the terms of the treaty is the France is forced to inherit Britain's debt.
  • 1763 - 1764 - The European Spring occurs, beginning with the French Revolution, and ends with the violent Russian Revolution. The governments of Spain, France, the German states, Italian states, and Russia are overthrown, while Denmark and Poland-Lithuania pass reforms. The United Kingdom and Portugal receive small amounts of protest.
  • 1765 - The British Parliament passes the Commonwealth of Nations, which allows for each of its important colonies to become dominions, including the Thirteen Colonies and British Canada, which is combined into one nation under the name of the United States.
  • 1767 - The Anglo-Cherokee War begins between the United States and the Cherokee tribe. The war results in the destruction of the Cherokee, and their deportation from the unsettled areas to somewhere west of the Mississippi River.
  • 1799 - 1812 - The First Global War begins between the United States of America and the United Kingdom against the French Republic over Louisiana. The war soon escalates to continental Europe, and resulting in the United States, United Kingdom, French Republic, and the Russian Federation becoming world powers.

19th Century

  • 1835 - 1836 - The Texan Revolution occurs, and the Republic of Texas is declared by its founders Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin. Mexico does not recognize the new republic, and declares war on the new republic, which leads to the United States and United Kingdom declaring war on the First Mexican Empire.
  • 1836 - 1838 - The First Invasion of Mexico begins after Anglo-American forces invade the First Mexican Empire and after three years of war, General Santa Ana is deposed from power and is executed via firing squad. The Mexican Secession occurs, and Central America is formed.

20th Century

21st Century

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