20th century

  • 1901:

Death of Queen Victoria

  • 1903:

Signing of Quadruple Alliance pact between Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary and Britain. Only a few months later, France, Russia, Norway and Serbia joined to form the Entente.

  • 1909:

The United States of America joins the Triple Alliance. The Confederate States of America joins the Entente.

  • 1911:

Rebellion in the Channel Islands and Ireland reveals desire for independence from Britain. The British government considers, but ultimately decides not to grant the request.

  • 1913:

In December, France demands Britain hand over the Channel Islands and grant Ireland independence. The British government in London refuses to even consider the balatant black mail.

  • 1914:

Emperor Franz Ferdinand assassinated in Bosina, Austria declared war on Serbia over the incident. Russia declares war on Germany and Austria, followed by Britain on France, Russia and Serbia. Norway declared war on Britain, Germany and Austria only a few days later, invading Denmark on May 1st.

  • 1919:

End of First World War

  • 1923:

French Monarchist Party is elected and quickly destroys the Third Republic, crowning it's leader King Charles XIX.

  • 1924:

The Hampton Affair in the CSA.

  • 1929:

Boston Street Crash.

  • 1932:

Joe Dowling's Sons of the South takes power in the Confederate States of America.

  • 1935:

Final defeat of communists at Volgograd.

  • 1939:

Referendum returns Kentucky to the CSA, Dowling demands return of yet more territory. France invades Alsace-Lorraine, Britain and Germany declare war on France.

  • 1941:

The CSA invades the US, France invades Russia.

  • 1945:

End of Second World War, last remnants of French Colonial Empire are divided up among the victors, as is France itself. Italy broken up into small states.

  • 1949:

Mao Zedong's rebellion is finally crushed by Imperialists in China.

  • 1950:

CSA President Herman Talmadge is assassinated.

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