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Timeline of events for Their British America.

18th century

  • 1763 - The French and Indian War ends, resulting in France ceding Canada to Great Britain. Because of constant French upheaval, the British decide to "punish" Quebec by imposing taxes.
  • 1777 - French settlers protest the harsh taxation. The Quebec Uprising takes place.
  • 1778 - The Quebec Uprising ends in British victory, even with support from France. As a result, most of southern Quebec is split up among the Thirteen Colonies. As a result, the Thirteen Colonies and much of the British North American colonies federate into British America. Quebec does not join.
  • 1789 - The Storming of the Bastille is unsuccessful, and many revolutionaries are arrested and guillotined. The French Rebellion begins, however with little support.
  • 1793 - The British confirm their presence in New Caledonia after discussions between Spanish and British delegates.
  • 1794 - The French Rebellions end in an uneasy victory for the Crown. Many of the revolutionaries are persecuted or exiled, and Louis XVI remains king. The uprisings would ultimately bring France into a time of isolationism.

19th century

  • 1835 - Archduke Francis II of Austria dies, and his daughter Marie Louise of Austria becomes Archduchess.
  • 1840 - Frederick William IV's wife, Elisabeth Ludovika, dies during childbirth, along with their child. Heartbroken, he tries to look for a "replacement" to bear him a son.
  • 1841 - Marie Louise of Austria dies of illness, and her daughter Marie II of Austria becomes the new Archduchess at the age of 26. She meets with the Prussian king Frederick, and the two fall in love. After their marriage, Austria and Prussia become a personal union.
  • 1844 - The Kingdom of Hungary breaks ties with the Austrians and claims independence from the Habsburg Monarchy. The independence helps influence the Revolutions of 1844.

20th century

21st century

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