This timeline begins in 1000 A.D. around the approximate time in which Leif and Thorvald Eriksson settled a land known as Vinland permanently and established a viable settlement which continues through the Centuries as a major Civilization. 


  • 1003-1012 - Leif Eriksson and Thorvald Eriksson made their first landings in Vinland. They subsequently in this period establish their first Settlements of Mossem and Jannestad which become some of Vinalnds largest settlements.
  • 1054-1060 - Large waves of Immigration from Iceland, Scandinavia, and Greenland continue to swell the population of Vinland which continues expand territorially as well. By this point almost 9,000 people have settled the new lands.
  • 1078 - The Vinnish population now around 23,000 has encroached on Native territory and suffers its first strings of Native attacks in which the Viking warriors of the Settlement retaliate with brute force.
  • 1084 - The First round of Vinnish-Native aggression ends with a Vinnish victory thanks to the influx of more warriors. The Reports of conflict have brought more Viking warriors and their families to the new world the population of the expanding Vinnish settlements reaches about 35,000.
  • 1095 - The Viking era begins to show its end as many european nations begins to get their bearings against these men. Immigration to Vinland increases as people looking for better land go to Vinland.


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