Road to Independence:

3 December 1854: The Victorian Authorities lose to the Miners' Rebellion and are pushed back farther into Ballarat (the town where the rebellion took place)

4 December 1854: The civilians of Ballarat begin to take to the streets and help the rebels

7 December 1854: The rebels secure Ballarat and start to push farther toward Melbourne

8 December 1854: News of the rebellions are heard all over Australia and civilians of some large cities protest in favor of the rebels

14 December 1854: Hepburn is taken by the rebels

16 December 1854: Civilians in Melbourne start to riot in favor of the rebels and the Battle of Melbourne begins

20 December 1854: The Rebels intervene in the Battle of Melbourne

24 December 1854: The Victorian Government calls in reinforcements from neighboring Australian Colony's

26 December 1854: The Victorian Government surrenders to rebel and civilian forces

27 December 1854: Protests get worse in Sydney and Authorities are forced to call off reinforcement

30 December 1854: Queen Victoria calls the rebels "selfish radicals" and promises that she will do anything she can to stop them and that Australia will not have the same fate as the USA

1 January 1855: Riots begin all over Australia

6 January 1855: Hobart falls to rebels

8 January 1855: Reinforcements from India arrive in Darwin

16 January 1855: Brisbane falls to the rebels

20 January 1855: Perth falls to rebels

26 January 1855: Reinforcements from India are stopped in Alice Springs by rebel forces

30 January 1855: Reinforcements are defeated

3 February 1855: Darwin falls to rebels

10 February 1855: Sydney falls to rebels

11 February 1855: Rebels declare the Republic of Australia, Peter Lalor is president until elections can be held

12 February 1855: Queen Victoria claims that the UK will never recognize Australia's independence