Seal Third Empire (The3rdIm)

In this page contains the timeline (arrange by the years of 1660s) of the The Third Imperial.

In this timeline, I will cover only the most important events in the world.

(Not the most things of the world would happen, I have to skip something out of it and focus on England and Virginia (OTL USA)

You can ask me for the new proposal.

Covert from 1600 to 2000s


- King Charles I exiled from England to France in 1648.

- England established the Commonwealth with their neighbor nations (Scotland, Wales and Ireland) in 1649, the executive government were ruled by the Council of State and had the Councilor of State of England as its head of state. (The first establishment to be referred as the First British Republic).

- King Charles I died during his trip to Virginia in 1649. His son, the Prince of Wales ascended the English throne by his date, he was now known as Charles II. and his brother, the Duke of Albany was heir presumptive because all the children Charles II had were illegitimate.

- King Charles II were successfully reached to Virginia and announced the Establishment of the Imperial Commonwealth of Columbia, known as the Third Empire in 1650.

- King Charles II has renamed all the title as "Emperor of the Columbians". However, he still using the title "King of England, Scotland and Ireland" to claim his throne over the British Isle.

- Oliver Cromwell were designated as the first Lord Protector of Commonwealth of England, as the abolition of Council of State in 1653.

- Emperor Charles II has re-established the new armed forces and gaining land from the Native Americans tribes by promising them to living in the country peacefully, making the conquest of the entire East Coast of the North America and then reached the colony of Newfoundland in 1655.

- Oliver Cromwell died in 1658, his son Richard is the successor for the political post of Lord Protector in 1658.

- In 1659, Richard Cromwell re-established England as the United Republic of Great Britain and Ireland, reformed the most of the country to be more democratic and more federalist. (To be referred as Second British Republic)

- In 1660, Richard Cromwell abolished the Lord Protector title and changed them to "High Chancellor of the United Republic of Great Britain and Ireland".

- In 1663, Emperor Charles II did most of the reform of the Empire by creating the Constitution and claimed himself to be under the Constitution, in avoiding to be deposed like his father did.

- In 1664, William Berkeley was appointed as the first Imperial Chancellor to form a government, referring as "His Imperial Majesty's Government."

- Imperial Commonwealth campaigns for expanding the territories start from the East Coast of North America and reached the part of West Coast of America and War was declared between the Spanish Empire and the Imperial Commonwealth in 1667.


- In 1701, Imperial Commonwealth gained access to the entire upper North America and Southern Part of Spanish Mexico.

- In 1705, George Monck elected into the office of President of the United Republic. However, he reformed the constitution and re-established the British Republic when he finds out that there were to many corrupt politicians within the government and the entire British Politics Systems.

[More to come]

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