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  • 13 August 1968: Alexandros Panagoulis is sentenced to death and he is executed, after he attempted and failed to assassinate President Georgios Papadopoulos . This is seen as an exemplary action for those who will question him. Also this marks the beginning of a major purge begins against the National Resistance terrorist organization and other left-wing and centre-left political oppoments.
  • 8 Octomber 1968 Under Georgios Papadopoulos, royalist sympathies within the Hellenic Navy begin to be purged as the King is perceived as a potential threat by the Regime of Colonels. The administration of the army is replaced by a more capable, nationalist and loyal one, as tensions with Turkey increase.
  • 1968-71 Hellas begins a military buildup as tensions with Turkey increase further over Enosis. Huge fortifications are build in Thrace and Aegean Islands and mines are placed along these areas to make them impassable.
  • 27 April 1971 Hellenic military is deployed in Thrace after Georgios Papadopoulos ordered general mobilization. Hellenic Navy is deployed north of Cyprus, with a clear aim, that is to stop any attempt by the Turkish navy to invade the island. A coup happens in Cyrpus with the support of Hellas and EOKA dissatisfied officers against Archbishop Makarios III inaction to settle the issue. At the same time a referendum happenes in Cyrpus over union with Hellas, getting 84% of the votes in favor. The Hellenic Armed Forces then land in Cyrpus and fortify the island as best as they can, shall the Turkish military invade. In the same time the Turkish population in Cyrpus is slaughtered as a long awaited retaliation (/vengeance) for the Greek Genocide the Istanbul pogrom and various other genocides and massacres commited by the Turkish people against the Greek people over the years, as well as here is the danger that if the Turkish minorities are left untouched they will side with the enemy. Back in Thrace as the soldiers get into defensive/fortified positions, the Turkish/Pomaks population in Thrace (As well as the rest of Hellas) is slaughtered too for the same reasons as in Cyrpus, as a part of a greater ethnic cleansing of the undesirables inside the Hellenic state.

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