9th millennium BC

8000 years BC Drath claims that the Cult of Unity was founded at this time. However, this is heavily disputed by the North American Union.

18th century

1776 AD The Declaration of Independence.

1783 AD Independence of the United States of America is formally recognized by France, Britain and several other European powers.

19th century

1861 to 1862 AD First Civil War, independence of the Confederate States of America from the United States, Federal government weakens.

1888 AD Maryland and Pennsylvania secede from the United States and form the United States of the Central North.

1914 to 1918 AD The First World War between the Quadruple Alliance of Britain, Germany, Holland and Norway and the Imperial Alliance of France, Russia and China. War expands to involve Turkey, Japan and Italy.

1919 AD Treaty of Berlin ends World War I and forms the First Federation or the United Federation of Eurasian Polities.

1929 AD Global Depression causes havoc in both the United States and Eurasia, the collapse of the First Federation.

1931 AD The remains of the USA and CSA collapse into several nations, a few of which collapse themselves. The effect also causes riots and the splitting from the country by Newfoundland.

1933 AD French Nazi party gains power in France and Norway. Launch of first space probe into orbit by the British Rocket Union. Impressed, the governments of Japan, Britain and France launch ambitious space programs to reach the stars.

1935 AD First man into orbit launched by France on the 28th May 1935, the event is viewed worldwide. The former United States begins to recover from the depression that has engulfed it since the late '20s.

1941 AD First manned landing on the Moon by British astronauts, several more missions are launched and result in the first manned space station in Earth orbit. Texas announces plans to launch its own space program and to land a man on the Moon by 1960 AD.

1942 AD French invasion of the Netherlands, start of World War II, first manned base on the moon is established in a joint Anglo-Japanese venture.

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