This is a timeline of all major events in The Sicans.


300 BCE- The Carthaginians attack Sicily. Sican tribes bond together to stop the invasion.

270 BCE- The Romans attempt to invade Sicily. Sican tribes once again bond together to resist invasion.

118 BCE- King Palermos becomes the first king of Cycae. Also, the Old Province of the Sican Bible is officially created by King Palermos.

111 BCE- King Palermos dies, King Grios assumes the throne.

103 BCE- Sicans begin to settle Malta and parts of Libya and Carthage.

98 BCE- King Grios War begins between Rome and Cycae. The Cycaens win early victories.

95 BCE- The Romans raze Syracuse, killing King Grios and symbolically ending the Kingdom of Cycae.

93 BCE- The Sican Diaspora. The six Sican tribes part and journey to new lands.

Sicans in the Classical Era

64 BCE- The Hawk tribe settles in Scotland and founds Ephelia around the perceived Oracle of Ephelos.

49 BCE- The Quick Warrior tribe settles the city of Cycaes on Lake Chad.

31 BCE- The Kingdom of Cycaenae is officially created with the coronation of its first queen.

13-12 BCE- The Syriac War between the Hills and Domes and the local Syrians and Romans. The Domes and Hills are defeated and continue migrating eastward.

70 AD- Casare of Zere is founded in southern Thailand by the Dome tribe.

84 AD- Ephelians attack Scottish clans.

117-120 AD- The Hills invade China in the Sino-Sican War, ending in the capture of Shanghai in 120. The Hill Dynasty is established.

148-210 AD- The Cycaenaens raid Roman cities in North Africa.

202 AD- The Romans begin a siege of Cycaes that will last 15 years, ending in the siege being broken by the Cycaenaens and the Romans being defeated.

214 AD- Enzo is born in An-Dues.

218-237 AD- The Ephelians conquer and control the Roman territories of Britannia and northern Gaul.

219 AD- An Dues, Casare of Zere is destroyed. A young Enzo flees to Zere.

229 AD- Enzo attacks Laotian and other barbarians, beginning the Enzo Wars.

230 AD- The Hill Dynasty begins to lose power in China.

231 AD- Enzo seizes Hainan from Chinese barbarians.

233-238 AD- Enzo conquers India. He dies in 237, never seeing the full Zerese control of India.

251 AD- Southeastern and Northwestern China declares independence from the Hills in China, and the weakening rulers could not defend their lost land.

270 AD- The Song Dynasty in China conquers the remaining Hill territories, except for Xanux.

273 AD- The Tribe of the Clam is created when a group of militaristic Hill tribesmen sail east to find a new kingdom.

286 AD- The Roman Empire is divided into the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire.

315-318- The Clams invade Japan, trying to settle a new kingdom. This is called the Japanese Land War, and the Clams are unsuccessful, losing 50,000 people.

324- Cities in southern and eastern Japan unite to form Gioapania.

333- The Clams reach the Channel Islands near California. They establish the Union of Clam Casares, a feudalistic-republic type government.

349- Gioapania is divided into two kingdoms, which both collapse into small city-states after a period of time.

411- Ephelia completes conquering England and forms the Ephelian Empire.

431- The golden age of the Casare of Zere ends with huge revolts in India and an influx of barbarians to Annam.

434- The Chinese begin to besiege Xanux.

441- The Hills break the Chinese siege of Xanux.

468- The Ephelian Empire grants England nominal independence after heavy rebellions around London.

477- Ephelian Civil War between the English states and the Ephelian Empire.

476- The Western Roman Empire collapses.

Sicans in the Dark Ages

486- The Ephelian Empire is divided into England and Ephelia following the end of the Ephelian Civil War.

516-518- The Byzantines try to seize Cycaes but fail. Following their failure, the Cycaenaens invaded a lot of Byzantine territory in Africa and the Middle East.

539- The Kingdom of Gue settles on Hispaniola.

551- The Kingdom of Gue settles on Cuba.

588- The remaining lands of Ephelia are conquered by various peoples. The Hawks flee to northern Germany.

628- Zere falls, and the Casare of Zere falls as well.

701- The Dome tribe settles in Baluchistan, establishing the Casare of Balluc.

759- The Casare of Balluc falls to Muslim armies.

843- County of Hauccas is founded.

Sican Reconquest

887- Consteto is born in Xanux.

898- The Sican Reconquest begins with the Hill tribe reconquest of China.

903- The Hill Dynasty of China is re-established.

904- Emperor Consteto becomes emperor of the Hill Dynasty.

907- The Hill Dynasty creates the King Grios Force, an army of all Sican tribes that would defend all Sican tribes. Later that year, the King Grios Force invades India, inciting the Indian Reconquest.

909- New Delhi is established, the Empire of Domucc is created.

912- The King Grios Force begins to invades Islamic Persia.

916- Persia completely under Sican rule.

922- Arabia declares war with the Sicans. Later, almost all Muslims declare a jihad on the Sicans. The Arab Reconquest begins.

926- Battle of Hatra begins.

933- Hatra falls.

935- The Arab Reconquest ends with another Sican victory.

940- The Byzantine Empire grants Palestine to the Hill Empire so they won't invade them.

941- Arabs, Jews, Armenians, and Christians in Palestine revolt.

942- Jerusalem is sacked by Consteto.

945- Gaza and Tyre's rebellions are crushed.

947- Sidon rebels surrender. The Palestinian revolts end.

958- The Sicans conquer Egypt.

961- Egypt is conquered and divided. The Hills get the delta and Sinai, while the Domes get Nubia, Sudan, Darfur, and middle Egypt.

966- The Sicans sign an alliance with the Kingdom of Meroe in Nubia. Almost half of its population is of the Sican religion.

972- Crete falls to the Hill tribe.

973- Hill tribesmen land on Sicily, beginning the invasion of their "homeland," or the Mediterranean Reconquest. Meanwhile, Consteto dies of a heart attack while on a caravan, going from Xanux to Sicily.

979- Syracuse falls. The Germans and Normans living in Sicily barely resist the Sican invasion.

990- All of Sicily, Naples, Malta, and Tripoli (the former Kingdom of Cycae, is under control of the Tribe of the Hill.

992- Emperor Gioaconsteto declares a New Kingdom of Cycae. A new city, Palermo, is founded to be the new capital.

999- Cycaenae falls to the Almohad Caliphate. Its population migrates mainly to Tripoli, Sicily, Portugal, and Galilee.

1005- The Empire of Domucc collapses after Islamic revolts in Oman and Persia break up the connection between the two sides of the empire.

1009- New Delhi falls to the Muslims, up to one million Dome tribesmen in India are killed. Surviving Domes in India migrate to Central China, Xanux, and Judea, while Domes in the west migrate to Judea, Crete, Greece, and Sicily.

1020- The New Kingdom of Cycae grants Crete and the city of Tyre as self-governed territories of the Dome tribe, while the cities of Tripoli and Sidon are granted as self-governed territories of the Quick Warrior Tribe.

1033- The New Kingdom of Cycae breaks its peace treaty with Byzantium and invades Greece.

1037- Greece is conquered, the Byzantines give Salonika and Rodos to the NKC so they won't conquer Byzantium further.

1044- Greece is also granted a self-governed territory of the Dome tribe.

1049- Quick Warriors in Western Iberia revolt against Almohad rule and create the Sican Kingdom of Portugal.

1053- The County of Hauccas crumbles as Pagan militants in the east takeover the government. Hawk tribesmen move west into Belgica, Holland and Normandy.

1066- Normans invade England at Hastings. That same year, the Vikings and the Sican tribes sign a peace agreement not to attack each other.

1068- The Norman invasion of England is halted at Lindisfarne.

1071- The Normans and the Hawk tribe invade England. The Hawks invade Scotland, trying to retake the land they lost so many years earlier.

1073- England falls to the Normans. The Normans govern England Wales while the Hawks are allowed to control the ancient lands of Ephelia. Still, most Hawk tribesmen stay in Belgium and northern France.

1088- The New Kingdom of Cycae reaches its pinnacle when it invades Bulgaria.

1091- Sofya falls to the NKC, but heavy rebellion persists.

1095- The Christian Bulgarian rebellions are overwhelming to the NKC, and the Sicans retreat back to Sofya. A peace agreement is signed that year, where Sofya and other conquered towns are given to the NKC, while the rest of Bulgaria is allowed to remain under control of the Bulgarian monarch.

1103- Crusade between Muslims and Christians. Since the Sicans control the Holy Land, most of the Crusades are fought in Spain and Cyrene, both held by the Muslims.

1107- The Muslims in northern Spain retreat. Most of the land is granted to France and the new Christian kingdoms of Aragon and Castile, and some is seized by Spaniards of the Church of the Sicans, who create the Casare of Saguntum.

1109- The Kingdom of Gue settles Niugeorcchio, a city 25 miles east of modern day New York City on Long Island.

1112- The Vikings settle a permanent colony in OTL Nova Scotia.

Sicans in The Middle Ages

1115- The Union of Clam Casares settles along the San Francisco River, encountering conflicts with the local people.

1121- England seizes Aquitaine from France.

1128- Burgundy and the NKC sign a defensive alliance against French and Holy Roman expansion.

1135- The Hawk tribe in Belgium creates the Casare of Belgica.

1138- Much of Northern France converts to the Sican religion.

1142- The Catholic Church, losing power in Europe, declares a crusade against the Sican religion. France, Holy Rome, England, Castile, Aragon, Bulgaria, Avaria, and Walachia participate.

1144- The war is divided into two fronts: Belgian and Mediterranean. In the Belgian Front, the Hawk tribe manages to gain some land in Normandy. In the Mediterranean, Barcelona is besieged by Saguntum.

1145- The French impose an inquisition on all Sican believers. Over 10,000 are killed in Paris alone.

1147- The Sicans establish bases in the Pyrenees Mountains, forging an attack on France. NKC soldiers also sack Florence, creating an offensive position on Germany and France. The Pope begs neutral Burgundy to participate, but they refuse.

1148- Christian armies are joined by a new ally: The Byzantines. They manage to take Salonika in Greece, but at an extremely heavy loss. The city of Bordeaux in English Aquitaine falls.

1149- The English, Avarians, Walachians, Aragonese, and Castilians exit the war. The Sicans give back captured lands on terms that they will allow the Sican religion to be practiced in that nation.

1151- Sicans in Northern France take over the government, and France exits the war.

1152- The Pope calls off the Crusade, seeing that he has lost more worshipers from trying to fight.

1159- Order is restored in France under a Christian king, but Sicans in France still hold much power in Normandy and Champagne.

1173- Liege becomes the capital of the Casare of Belgica.

1180- The Kingdom of Gue makes contact with the Hawk, Hill, Dome, and Quick Warrior tribes. They begin to trade and help each other out in local conflicts.

1185- Rebellion in Persia and Mesopotamia cause the NKC to divide into two: The Eastern Hill Empire, a poorly defended series of Chinese and Nepalese cities, and the New Kingdom of Cycae, the prominent empire in Europe, Israel, and North Africa.

1191- The Vikings settle along the St Lawrence River.

1199- The Kingdom of Gue settles in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.

1201- Hawk lands in Scotland are overrun by local clans.

1204- The Vikings lose their colonies in the New World as the Kingdom of Gue invades them.

1209- All of Greece except for Peloponnesia and Crete are absorbed back into the Byzantine Empire due to rebellion.

1213- The Ethiopian War begins. Ethiopia (East Africa) has three spheres: Muslim (Sudan, Somalia, Egypt), Christian (Axum, Ethiopia), and Sican (Meroe, Kush). An all out war between the alliance of the Christians and the Sicans with the Muslims began, and the NKC sends 100,000 men to ensure the Christians/Sicans will have a victory.

1215- Arab armies attack Axum.

1219- Kush and Meroe unite to form the Kingdom of Nubia.

1224- The Muslims overrun Ethiopia and Axum, but sign a peace treaty with Nubia. Some faithful Christians in Ethiopia/Axum flee to OTL Tanzania and form Swazia, a new Christian state.

1228- The Byzantines begin to invade Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Finland.

1237- Muslims convert much of the Byzantines in Anatolia and Georgia. The Byzantine Empire grows more unstable by the minute.

1245- Conquered Russians are converted to Christianity by the Byzantines, but the population in Byzantium is still over weighed by Muslims.

1258- The Clams lose their territory on the San Francisco River, as local tribes destroy their settlements.

1268- The Hill Empire in China collapses, after Muslim armies and former dynastic factions overrun the state.

1284- The Arabs begin an all out invasion of the Byzantine Empire.

1297- After a long fight, Constantinople falls. Russia secedes from the newly created Ottoman Empire.

1304- European Jews migrate to Basqueland and Hungary simultaneously, creating nations there.

1319- The Christian population in Naples causes the city to secede from the NKC and join the Papal States.

1327- French civil war between Sicans in the north and Christians in the south.

1328- Burgundy enters a civil war. With all the chaos, France and Burgundy combine into one blob of anarchy.

1333- The French Christians emerge victorious in the civil war, and France is recreated, just now with Burgundy, it is more powerful than ever.

1337- The Two Hundred Years War begins between the French and English.

1347- The Black Plague begins. In ATL, it is less powerful and affects mainly China and Europe, giving much more power to the Arab and African worlds.

1352- Nubia enters a golden age after conquering Darfur, a Muslim state near Sudan, and converting it to Christianity.

1355- The Empire of Mali forms and conquers almost all of West Africa over the next 20 years.

Sicans in the Renaissance

1357- The English win huge victories in French Iberia. The Casare of Belgica funds rebellions among Sicans in France. They side with England because the English allow Sicanism in their kingdom.

1361- The English almost capture Paris, but fail and are forced back to the coast in an amazing counteroffensive.

1367- The NKC and Holy Roman Empire go to war, but most of the fighting is done in - you guessed it - France.

1370- The Ottoman Empire annexes Walachia, and attempts to convert its population to Islam, but for the most part it fails, only converting 10% of its people.

1388- The French forge an attack on East Anglia, and the world is shocked by the French victory.

1391- The Kingdom of Gue develops a ship capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean. With this new technology they open up trade with the Sicans, Mali, England, and the Norsemen.

1394- Action in the 200 years war slows down temporarily.

1404- The Holy Roman Empire and NKC sign a peace treaty. The war was basically pointless, and no changes were made territorially or politically.

1415- The Sican Kingdom of Portugal collapses, as it is overrun by Christians. The Sican population flees to Sicily and Judea.