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This is a timeline of major events in the universe of The Roswell Incident.


A UFO crashes in Roswell, New Mexico. Although believed to be a weather balloon, it is soon discovered by the US Army to be an alien spacecraft. Many people saw the crash, and, before the army can stop them, they start to spread their story. Knowing any cover up would now fail, they accept the story and alien life is revealed to all. as a result the army holds a press conference putting the bodies on display. the soviets are shocked and Churchill prepares a investigation committee for this new revelation. the days following the creatures are dubbed martians By the press and are widely assumed to be from the planets in our solar system predominately the planet mars. Einstein is brought in along with several members of the Manhattan project. the ship was an instant sensation with its shape being the iconic representation of alien contact if not science itself but also a symbol of uncertainty


the ship is studied while UFO sightings increase. the public demands more clarity in the wake of government secrecy. the creatures basic ship are included in comics featuring flying saucers. attempts are made to contact them by the government and the public.


the first satellite is launched in space based on the alien propulsion. its mission is to go as far away from earth as possible while sending data back about space. Russia announces its first nuclear test and intentions to go to space.


alien ship detected by several astronomers described as dubs it mother-ship. it vanishes but leaves people wondering if they are more then meets the eye about these creatures


after much tweaking scientist are able to tap into an alien frequency and talk to the aliens. they ask for a landing and get 2 years


the press coverage is massive and several groups prepare for contact. the world is scared and nervous

a ship lands in the desert with many people watching leading to civilian and alien interaction. the aliens agree to provide earth with technology. But they're also looking for help from Earth, since they have developed a problem conceiving. They obtain voluntary DNA samples from Earth parents and decide to give technological knowledge. the aliens are dubbed the others


the golden age leads to cures to most known diseases and advanced technology in the west with the east struggling. soviets launch Sputnik with the Americans responding launching the constellation spacecraft to go to the moon and mars in one mission. middle class becoming more integrated with the tech. an exchange is done 12 brave astronauts will go with the aliens to their home-world. one alien is left to study us. the fear of nuclear war is declining as technology becomes more and more advanced enough to combat any soviet assault


colonization campaign starts to the moon. mars colony plans underway.


the astronauts return to earth after its voyage. commander of the mission writes the cosmic voyage which breaks international sales records due to it being the first record of the others home-world.


spaceships getting faster and missions to the outer planets and its moons are underway. flying saucer propulsion tech being updated


the soviet union declares its intentions to talk with the west and the aliens, leading to political conflict and strife stonewalling relations. commercial space travel is growing and democratizing of space is underway


first warp-drive being worked on


earth commemorate the aliens who crashed on earth in 1947, soviets decline prompts them to try to shoot down aliens


first solo interstellar mission to alpha centauri system is successful


soviet union reunifies Germany after economic troubles and advanced hacking into its radio systems by the west to promote their way of life.


despite amazing advances in technology the soviet union declines and loses more of its citizens. a one way trip to alpha Centauri is launched


the soviet union reforms and turns into a more democratic and stable union. it Simply couldn't continue with the west prospering. first alien settlement is made on the moon

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