20th Century



  • Unknown date: Pfizer, an American pharmaceutical company, establishes a testing research facility deep in the Ethiopian Highlands, near to the beginning of the Shebelle river.


  • July:
    • Jul 12th: One of the lab's specimens, a gorilla infected with a genetically engineered hemorrhagic fever virus, escapes its cage and attacks some members of the lab staff. They soon die, and begin attacking other lab staff members. In few hours, everyone in the facility is dead.
    • Jul 13th: All the members of the lab's staff are reanimated.
    • Jul 15th: Knowing something has gone really wrong in the labs, the administrator of the facility takes a drastic decision. All documents regarding the facility's experiments or Pfizer's involvement are burnt, and the facility is abandoned and sealed.




The decay caused by a decade of abandonment takes its toll. Part of one of the facility's wall falls. Some reanimated members of the staff leave the facility.


  • Late November: After having wandered several miles away from the facility, one of the infected staff members falls into the Shebelle river, and is dragged down the river.


  • Mid-December: Several people at the city of Jowhar are infected by an unknown virus, possibly infected by the reanimated lab staff member dragged by the river. Soon, other cases of infection appear in other towns and villages along the Shebelle river. This virus turns people into mindless, flesh-eating monsters.



Reports of extreme violence in the central area of Somalia reach the United Nations. Believing it to be the Somali Civil War taking a more violent shape, the United Nations General Assembly votes on the establishment of a mission to Somalia, the United Nations Task Force in Somalia, the UNTFIS.


    • Feb 20th:
      • First contingent of UNTFIS troops lands in Mogadishu. These five thousand soldiers begin preparations for the arrival of the remaining twenty-five thousand soldiers.
    • Feb 26th:
      • A second contingent of UNTFIS forces numbering fifteen thousand arrives in Mogadishu.


    • Mar 12th:
      • UNTFIS forces abandon Mogadishu airport, HQ of the operative force, to initiate operations to restore order in the city of Mogadishu.
    • Mar 16th:
      • During a routine patrol in downtown Mogadishu, a man who is seemingly eating the corpse of another man, is found. When UN forces approach to know what is happening, they are attacked by the man. He is quickly dispatched by one of the soldiers after a fortuitous shot in the head. Anyway, before being killed, the man manages to bite one of the troopers.
    • Mar 17th:
      • The trooper bitten by the man in Mogadishu dies and reanimates inside a body bag. Believing him to be alive, the bag is opened and he attacks a doctor and two other soldiers before being dealt with. The three injured men are airlifted to Ramstein AFB to be treated at the base's hospital.
    • Mar 18th:
      • The injured soldiers die and reanimate at the base's hospital. A skirmish between the base's security forces and the reanimated soldiers takes place. Many hospital employees and soldiers are bitten by the infected. Some are killed by friendly fire, reanimate and join the ranks of the undead. Soon, security forces are overrun. Many people leave the base, including two bitten marines that board a C-130 going to Andrews AFB.
    • Mar 20th:
      • Patrols in Mogadishu are temporarily discontinued. The two marines that went to the US in a C-130 die and reanimate.
    • Mar 23rd:
      • General Robert C. Oaks, USAF Europe commander and firsthand witness of the Ramstein AB incident, addresses the UN General Assembly emergency special session to warn of the danger posed by the undead. Few believe the general's warning.
    • Mar 25th:
      • The Australian parliament, in an emergency session, enforces a quarantine on all foreign flights and ships.
    • Mar 26th:
      • Because of the infection's forms of transmission, it rapidly spreads to other countries. The infection has reached much of Western Europe, North America and the Soviet Union.
      • The Soviet Union closes its airspace.
    • Mar 27th:
      • New Zealand enforces a quarantine on foreign travel following the Australian example.
    • Mar 29th:
      • Air traffic is closed in the European Economic Community.
      • Increasing infection rates in Washington, D.C. force the US government to leave the capital and relocate to Puerto Rico.
    • Mar 30th:
      • Washington, D.C. is overrun by the undead. Air traffic is closed in the United States. The POTUS is evacuated to an undisclosed location. All US forces abroad are ordered to return to the United States immediately to contain the outbreak.


    • Apr 1st:
      • US government is airlifted to Puerto Rico. Enormous flow of survivors reaching the island begins.
    • Apr 2nd:
      • Mogadishu is completely overrun by the undead.
    • Apr 3rd:
      • The German government flees and relocates north of the Elbe–Lübeck Canal. German and Danish troops initiate combat operations against infected individuals at the so-called Jutland Free Zone.
      • The soviet government is relocated to Crimea, where ditches are excavated, bridges blown up and walls built to cut all connections with the continent.
      • London is overrun. Great Britain is declared lost by the government, which barely escapes the fall of London and relocates to the Isle of Man.
    • Apr 4th:
      • Berlin falls to the undead.
      • Relocation of the Spanish government to the Canary Islands takes place. Military forces from mainland Spain retreat to the Canary Islands. Small detachments are left behind to protect designated spots such as Toledo.
      • Moscow is overrun.
    • Apr 5th:
      • Madrid is overrun.
      • Brussels is overrun.
      • After seemingly being abandoned by the Spanish government, the Balearic Islands' government achieves de facto independence and enforces a series of emergency measures such as blocking all air travel.
    • Apr 6th:
      • Undead hordes attack Mogadishu airport but are repelled by UNTFIS forces.
    • Apr 7th:
      • UNTFIS troops withdraw from Mogadishu and advance to Kenya.
    • Apr 10th:
      • UNTFIS troops arrive to Nairobi and are later flown to Zaragoza Air Base.
    • Apr 11th:
      • Most of the aircraft that were to return UNTFIS soldiers to their countries don't arrive to Zaragoza.
    • Apr 12th:
      • Zaragoza is overrun. UNTFIS troops, along with troops returning from Operation Desert Storm who've been left behind in Zaragoza, reinforce the perimeter of the air base and prepare for a long siege until evacuation comes.
      • South Africa falls. Its government is relocated to the Drakensberg mountains.
    • Apr 19th:
      • Most major cities in the planet are overrun by the undead. Only isolated territories like islands, deserts and high mountains and plateaus remain safe.
      • Restored US government in Puerto Rico is completely functional.
    • Apr 20th:
      • Soyuz TM-11 makes an emergency landing in Siberia.
      • Due to the chaos unleashed by worldwide SHV outbreak Islamist and Touareg-related groups from Northern Mali take the chance and launch an offensive on Mali and Niger authorities.
    • Apr 29th:
      • After walking away for help, the crew of TM-11 reached nearby Krasnoyarsk. They found the city completely empty. After entering the city centre, they were attacked by a swarm of infected individuals.


    • May 15th:
      • Knowing help wouldn't come, troops under siege in Zaragoza decided to call for help via radio. The Balearic Islands authorities answer and prepare several airliners to establish an airlift to rescue the troops and other military equipment.
    • May 20th:
      • Operation Safe Haven begins. During the next four days, more than fifteen thousand troops, several hundred civilians and tons of weapons and ammunition are flown from Zaragoza Air Base to Palma.
    • May 24th:
      • After the conclusion of Operation Safe Haven all rescued troops are housed in hotels and military residences left empty by the Spanish military.


    • Jun 4th:
      • Flow of survivors reaching Puerto Rico ends. No survivors will successfully reach Puerto Rico for the following three years.
      • The Balearic parliament votes to create the Balearic Armed Forces, relying mainly on remaining UNTFIS/Desert Storm troops from Zaragoza. An air force is formed by former airline and private pilots, and a navy and sea patrol force is created with fishing vessels. Cruise ships are turned into floating refugee camps.
    • Jun 7th:
      • The Islamic Caliphate of Southern Sahara, an authoritarian theocratic government, is proclaimed by Islamist groups in Mali, Niger and Southern Algeria. The Touareg land of Azawad (Northern Mali) is granted limited autonomy.


    • Aug 6th:
      • The Balearic government approves of a a series of raids to take place in the spanish mainland to retrieve essential supplies from overrun areas.
    • Aug 30th:
      • After a three week preparation, the first raid in Operation Corsair is launched against the mainland city of Alacant.


    • Sep 3rd:
      • The first raid in Operation Corsair is successful. Several tons of medical supplies and equipment are taken back to the Balearic Islands.
      • Contact is established between the Balearic Islands and the French government in Corsica.
    • Sep 22nd:
      • A raft with several sub-Saharan survivors reaches the coasts of the Canary islands. The rafters are rescued by the Spanish military and taken to Gran Canaria. Some of the rafters are infected with the virus and chaos spreads as the SHV takes over the entire island. Surviving Spanish military personnel leave the island and move to Tenerife.



World 1992(The Return)

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