May, 2011

12:22 PM, May 18th- After being shot, the Queen is rushed to the nearest hospital with her husband by her side.

1:00 PM, May 18th- The shooting makes major news all over the world, especially (of course) on the BBC which keeps live updates on the Queens condition.

2:00 PM, May 18th- First official speech from Downing Street is made by Prime Minister David Cameron, he says that it is a "terrible tragedy" what and happened in Ireland and that he would be in a plane that to Dublin that night.

3:30 PM, May 18th- An official update on the Queens health comes put saying that Her Majesty is in a stable condition, Buckingham Palace is criticised for giving no official comments on the situation.

4:45 PM, May 18th- Reports are confirmed that the shooter of the Queen escaped but Irish authorities assure London that he will "not be on the run for long" as there is video evidence of him commit the crime.

6:10 PM, May 18th- On the six O'Clock news, His Highness the Prince of Wales makes a small speech from Buckingham Palace saying that the "Barbaric crime against Britain and its royal family will not go unpunished", Prince Charles announces that he will fly out to Ireland next morning, he is once again criticised for this as the Prime Minister is leaving that night.

7:00 PM, May 18th- Prime Minister Cameron leaves Heathrow International Airport for Dublin.

8:15 PM, May 18th- David Cameron arrives in Dublin where he is greeted by the media, he jokes "It's going to be a long night".

10:00 PM, May 18th- The News at ten announces an official statement from Dublin that "Her Majesty the Queen has been moved to Beaumont Hospital which will be her official residence while she is ill". Beaumont has not yet said anything about the Queens condition.

2:00 AM, May 19th- Her Majesty suffers a heart attack, she goes it a short coma.

2:30 AM, May 19th- After 30 minutes out cold the Queen awakes and starts to respond normally, however there is a problem, upon doing research the Doctors realise that if an operation is not done within the next 48 hours, the Queen could suffer another, and more serious heart attack.

2:45 AM, May 19th- Prince Charles is woken and told about the Her Majesty's situation, the Prince of Wales agrees that no member of the Royal Family will speak publicly about the Queens condition unless confirmed by Buckingham or himself.

8:00 AM, May 19th- The Morning BBC

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