This is the timeline of events in the Oregon Country timeline.


Fall 1840 - Members of the Oregon Lyceum (a prominent literary club in Oregon City) begin to debate the future of the Country. Two factions begin to emerge, one being primarily British-dominated, advocating for the formation of an independent country, and the other being American-dominated, favoring for Oregon to eventually become part of the United States.

1841 - The Champoeg Meetings begin in the French-Canadian enclave of Champoeg, to address the need of a government after the death of prominent pioneer Ewing Young. The group decides to regularly hold meetings.

Point of Divergence

1841 - The independence faction, led by John McLoughlin wins out in the Lyceum debates about the future of Oregon, and a resolution passes, drafted by McLoughlin's attorney that finds it suitable to form an independent government and eventually paves the way for the Republic of Oregon.


1843 - Residents of the Willamette Valley meet at the Oregon Institute near what is now present day Chemekata (OTL Salem) to discuss wolves that have been terrorizing the region and to create bounties on their heads. They later met to set forth the motion of creating a provisional government and to later vote on it. The vote went 64 in favor of the government and 38 in favor of not creating a provisional government. The Provisional Constitution of Oregon is drafted, based partially on the constitution of the United States. Four districts are established that would later evolve into the States of Oregon. John McLoughlin is elected as the Governor of Oregon.
Oregon Provisional Government Seal

Seal of the Provisional Government of Oregon. The design on the seal would eventually evolve into the flag of the Republic of Oregon.

1846 - The Oregon Treaty. Due to a deadlock between the US and UK over Oregon, the Oregon Treaty is hammered out in Fort Vancouver between the US, UK and Oregonian diplomats. All of the disputed Oregon Country becomes part of the new independent nation, save Vancouver Island, which remains British. In return, however, the new nation's government is styled after the United States, as a democratic republic. John McLoughlin leaves the Hudson Bay Company and is elected as the first Governor of Oregon.

1846 - The Mexican-American War begins.

1847 - After the Whitman Massacre by Cayuse and Umatilla Native Americans, the Provisional Government of Oregon declares war on those tribes igniting the Cayuse War. Governor McLoughlin, wanting to retain peace with the natives is initially opposed to the war, but lets limited hostilities ensue. The Oregon Rifles volunteer militia is formed and is the forerunner of the present-day military of Oregon.

1848 - Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. Without Oregon, the US gains Baja California, Sonora and Chihuahua alongside OTL lands gained. The Republic of Yucatan is set up as an independent state aligned with the US.

1849 - California Gold Rush. Oregonians are some of the first to cash in, with many prospecting in the northern counties of California. Many Americans settle in Oregon after not striking it rich in the Rush.

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