The Ice Age begins to come to an end, heat in the Earth's center begins to have a uneven effect on the Earth, melting the Ice caps quickly and leaving only a small island-like island to hold the so called North Pole up.

982 A.D

Erik the Red discovers the island of Greenland and returns to Iceland after his exile to tell stories of the fertile land, strange creatures (In this TL, most creatures are Bears, Elk, Foxes, Wolfs, Jack Rabbits, etc) and of the natural beauties of grand rivers, lakes, and waterfalls while also spotting hills upon hills of land.

985 A.D

Erik, along with many colonists, returns to Greenland where two colonies are established, Eystribygð (English: Eastern Settlement) and Vestribyggð (English: Western Settlement). Later on the settlements would get larger and soon an Northern and Southern settlement would be founded.

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