In the year 1589 Spain's Armada landed on the coast of England and invaded the nation. In 1590 The last English armies were defeated at the Battle for the Queen. A month later Queen Elizabeth I was executed and England belonged to Spain...

What Really Happened

In our timeline the Spanish Armada was sent to destroy England in 1588. England had been supporting the United Provinces in their war for independence against the Hapsburg Spain Monarchy during the 80 years war. In our timeline after the Armada left Gravelines, Flanders they headed for England, but decided to circle around the Irish Sea.

Unfortunetly for Spain almost all of the Armada was demolished by the bad winds and storms that overtook the Irish Sea during that time of year.

In the alternative timeline we will explore what happens when Spain wins against England and enjoys the power of becoming the richest and most powerful nation on earth.


  • 1588- Spanish Armada invades English ports and sends the entire Spanish Army into England.
  • 1588- English fleet comes into combat with the Armada and is demolished.
  • 1588- Queen Elizabeth gives the order to Sir Francis Drake to create a counter-armada to destroy the Spanish.
  • 1588- The first Battle of the Anglo-Spanish conflict occurs at Liverpool. English forces are devasted at the battle. See: Battle of Liverpool
  • 1589- The Spanish pursue the English into the countryside.
  • 1589- The Siege of Birmingham occurs. English forces lose and retake the city for the rest of the war until the Spanish conquer London and behead the Queen.
  • 1589- The Battles of Leeds, Manchester and the Naval Conflict in the Irish Sea occurs.
  • 1590- The counter-armada is formed out of pirate ships, small boats, and a few big ships.
  • 1590- The two armadas clash and the English Armada is destroyed. Sir Francis Drake is captured by the Spanish and hung on the Isle of Man. His body is sent off to Spain.
  • 1590- The Spanish capture more English territory as the English flee.
  • 1591- A mass English force faces off against the Spanish in front of London.
  • 1591- Queen Elizabeth I goes into hiding in the United Provinces.
  • 1592- Spain takes down the English flag and declares England a Spanish possession, consequently freeing Ireland and Scotland from the English Hegemony of the British Isles.
  • 1592- James IV of Scotland claims England, but does not have the resources to take it back from the powerful Spanish.
  • 1593- The Duke of Parma continues his invasion of the Netherlands and is now joined by a force from the Armada.
  • 1594- Queen Elizabeth I is executed in Amsterdam.
  • 1596- The Dutch Rebellion is crushed wth only a few rebellious factions still in the United Provinces.
  • 1596- English Diaspora occurs as many English flee to James' Scotland.
  • 1596- Spanish soldiers arrive at the English Colony of New Foundland and take it over.
  • 1597- The Key Rebellion occurs in New Foundland. Spain sells New Foundland off to France.
  • 1598- Revolutionaries in New Foundland declare war on France and attempt to Secede. France puts troops into America and crush the rebellion, but guerrilla warfar continues. Edgar Key is hung by the French.
  • 1599- The heads of the Key Rebellion flee to Scotland along with many other English settlers in the attempt to get more Englishmen to come to New Foundland and advance their primative settlement. Key Rebellion leader Isham Whitman dies during the voyage. Scott Carpenter takes over the voyage.
  • 1600- the Key Rebellion leaders land off the coast of Scotland.
  • 1600- Spanish navy capture a small remnant of the English Counter Armada. The ships are converted to Spanish ships. King Philip IV issues the Catholic proclamation. It declares that all Englishmen are to be baptized as Catholics, and that the Church of England is no more.
  • 1600- Dutch settlers flee the Spanish Held United Provinces and head across the seas in a small fleet of ships from the fledgling Dutch West India Company.


  • 1602- Spain stamps out a large scale rebellion in Portugal and preserves the Iberian Union

1701- 1800


1901- 2000

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