March, 2002: After originally saying he would retire from politics, Maine governor Angus King announces he will run against incumbent Republican Susan Collins for Maine's senate seat. The Democrat, Chellie Pingree, drops out of the race and endorses Governor King.

November, 2002: Despite a high approval rating from Mainers, Senator Susan Collins loses reelection to Governor King in a landslide. King becomes the only independent senator for the 109th Congress. Congressman John Baldacci, Democrat, wins the governorship over Republican Peter Cianchette. Democrat Mike Michaud takes Baldacci's congress seat. Thomas Allen is reelected in Maine's 1st District.

2003: King decides to caucus with the Democrats, making the senate evenly split 50 Democrats, 50 Republicans.

2004: In a similar attempt by Al Gore in 2000, Democratic presidential nominee John Edwards offers Senator King the job of Vice President. King accepts, but Edwards-King loses the Presidential election to George W. Bush and his new vice president, Colin Powell. Tom Allen and Mike Michaud are reelected to congress. Republicans get a slight majority in the Senate, while the Democrats close in on the House of Representatives.


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