The Hanfstaengl Effect Timeline

The following time line is the events from 1932 and present day for the The Hanfstaengl Effect storyline.


April 1932

Hitler accepts proposal of an alliance. However, only with Britain, Churchill accepts.

19th July 1932 - Anglo-Germanic Alliance formed

Anglo-Germanic Alliance formed (AGA).

August 1932

Plans on invading Europe begin, England's role is to take all western sea countries, France, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Netherlands whilst Germany would take its lands back including the invasions of Eastern European countries.


September 1934 - Spanish Civil War commences

Due to the increasing pressure from the AGA, Spanish Civil War begin, violence escalates.


June 1936

Japan invades Philippines and Korea.

August 1936

Germany invades Rhineland and the Sudetenland

October 1936

Germany invades Poland whilst simultaneously England invades France.

November 1936

England successfully captures France, Belgium and the Netherlands; Germany takes Poland, Hungary and Austria.


January 1937

Japan conquers Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, French Indochina, start plans for an invasion of China.

April 1937

Japan surprises China and invades, Russia intervention in China against the Japanese is too late, moderate casualties on both sides; however, Japan slowly pushes Chinese and Russian army back.

July 1937 - Spanish Civil War ends

Spanish civil war ends due to involvement by AGA, Francisco Franco becomes dictator of Spain.

October 1937

The AGA takes East Prussia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia; Russia becomes wary of the incoming armies of the AGA however is still fighting the Japanese in China.

October 21st 1937 - Italy and Spain join the AGA

Italy and Spain sign The Greater Union Pact joining the AGA.

November 1937

Italy Invades Albania then assist the AGA in invading Yugoslavia

December 1937

AGA takes Bulgaria and Romania; Russia pulls out of remaining China concentrates on defending her borders from the AGA.


January 1938

AGA takes Ukrainia  however, stops due to a heavy winter, regroups and concentrates on building docks and factories in Latvia, northern Germany and Bulgaria.

3rd February 1938 - Japan Conquers China

Japan finally takes China, Imperial Armies moral is high.

May 1938

England sends 20,000 Troops, 1000 tanks and support vehicles, 10 ships with 250 planes to protect its interests in India and its borders from the incoming Japanese through China.

14th June 1938 - World War 2 Begins

Russia declares war on AGA, England pulls resource from around its "Empire", 2nd World War begins in Europe, Italy quickly takes Greece.


January 1939

With assistance from Spanish military, Britain starts African Campaign invading near by Morocco and Algeria through Spanish Morocco.

March/April 1939

Spanish and British army regroup with a small Italian force in Tripolitiana after successfully taking Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and the Sahara, takes only minor casualties in Algeria. AGA Fleet arrives off coast of Cyrenacia in late April. AGA prepare for invasion of Egypt.

May 1939

Japan takes Burma.

Jun 1939

AGA Fleet bombards Alexandria from the Mediterranean Sea.

NB : This is a time line in development, please be patient.

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