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The Growth of Earth
  • Timeline

The timeline for The Growth of Earth is on this page.


Pre-27,500 BC

  • 39,233 BC - Homo spicalis dotarus evolves in Central Africa.
  • 39,221 BC - The Homo spicalis dotaruses have children and spread towards the north-west and north-east.
  • 39,166 BC - Homo spicalis dotarus builds the first village named Dotarinium in OTL Northern-eastern Sudan.
  • 39,154 BC - The subspecies Homo spicalis dominicus forms in Northern Africa.
  • 39,132 BC - Homo spicalis dominicus uses bones they found in the earth for fighting. Homo spicalis dominicus finds Homo spicalis dotarus and starts a battle (The First Battle of Homo Spicalis).
  • 39,130 BC - Homo spicalis dominicus wins the battle. All Homo spicalis dotaruses die. Homo spicalis dominicus claims Dotarinium for themselves.
  • 39,12? BC - Homo spicalis spicalis soon forms between 39,127 to 39,121 BC. It is unknown exactly where.
  • 39,116 BC - Homo spicalis spicalis spreads out to cover most of Africa, even Madagascar.
  • 39,112 BC - Homo spicalis dominicus finds Homo spicalis spicalis and again declares war (The Second Battle of Homo Spicalis). By now Homo spicalis dominicus is very advanced, although the Homo spicalis spicalis population is a lot more.
  • 39,106 BC - Homo spicalis dominicus wins the Second Battle of Homo Spicalis. Contrary to the Homo spicalis dominicus' beliefs, Homo spicalis spicalis is still healthy and alive.
  • 39,102 BC - The Homo spicalis spicalis family tree grows even more, and its region spreads.
  • 38,993 BC - Homo spicalis dominicus is surprised to see Homo spicalis spicalis 'alive' again! They run away from them, finding OTL Egypt. They build another small village and name it Al Qa'al.

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