"This is the greatest nation on earth, and it is a shame to see its leader die at the hands of barbarians. President Pelley was a great leader, ending the liberal Democrat Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal", and creating the "Act of Industrialization for the America's" paving a way for prosperity in capitalism. And now look, he is dead, slain by the rocket bombs from a power across the pond. The Germans have taken over Europe after defeating our British friends in France in June of 1940. Seven years later look, they are a industrial power thanks to our friend, Oswald Mosley. It is America's and the job of our allies of corporate states in Latin and South America and British Commonwealth friends to set the world at peace from the warring Germans and there European Axis and the Russians and Chinese, still rebuilding but formmitt in their military pact with their allies, the Sino-Soviet Union. God Bless America, and God Bless the worlds conglomerate of Corporatocracys."-President David Rockefeller's inaugural speech, February 1947


America seems to be coming out of Great Depression fine but with the rise of Fascism in Europe and the possible end of the civil war in Spain has brought fascism to the United States in the form of the Silver Legion Party under William D. Pelley. The Silver Legion promises to form a stronger "American Hemisphere" of nations aligned the USA. Japan continues to advance in China at a bloody pace with the Chinese managing to halt the Japanese advance. On September 1st Germany invaded Poland kicking off WWII. The death spiral of the world has begun. A incompetent Chamberlain declares war swiftly. By the 27th combined German and Russian forces overrun Poland. A halfhearted offensive by the French into the Rhineland is easily turned back. The British attempted to bomb German cities to reduce German morale. But this failed and ended up with one German raid over London resulting in the death of the members of the war department and of Winston Churchill. The "Phoney War" is the massive build up of German troops on the borders of France and the Low Countries while the allies prepare there defenses. The Soviets invade Finland triggering the Russo-Finish War.


The war in Finland drags on with horrendous Soviet casualties. The fighting drags on into Spring with Stalin refusing as peace treaty. The Germans invade Denmark and Norway setting up puppet regimes. In spring the Germans strike through the Ardennes with there panzers. Chamberlain still in office is forced to surrender after the destruction of Allied troops in Dunkirk and the capture of Paris by German forces. With the Nazis controlling mainland Europe and Russia fighting wars in Finland and Iran, Germany prepares for conflict with the USSR. Germany and Italy in Fall and Winter take over the strategic areas in Africa and Arabia.


Britain in poverty and a war ruined nation after several German bombing raids, falls to a coup of the British Union of Fascists forming the Corporatist State of Britain. Ireland is invaded and turned into a British puppet. Germany funds a fascist coup in Sweden. The axis prepares a invasion of the USSR for May. With 3 million soldiers Germany and its allies invade the USSR.