Tension rise as the Ottomans begin to work on invading Persia.

The Meccan Revolt

The revolt began on November 12 1911 right after Fajir prayer after an Imam was shot when a fight broke out between Ottoman troops and Arabs nationalist. After that like what an Ottoman Soldier said "Then all hell broke lose" With Arab nationalist and Bedouin rising and taking arms and fighting Ottoman troops under the watch of Hussein bin Ali declaring the Meccan revolt is now the Mecca Caliphate. The Ottoman then tried to breach the City on November 17 but failed due to the Arabs setting up defenses across and around Mecca. The Ottomans tried again on November 19 and failed again. The Ottoman then surrounded and be sighed the city. On December 3 a loud bang is heard at 12:32 AM with a massive crater in the north of town leaving it open to the Ottomans, The Ottomans then rushed in and by December 5 the whole city was under Ottoman control with Hussein bin Ali going into hiding.


World War one begin.

The Ottomans join the Central powers

Arabs revolt of Hejaz under control of Hussein bin Ali, With the Ottomans losing control of Hejaz.


Arab revolts of Sharifian

Sharifan was a series of revolts at Jordan,Palestine,Iraq and Syria. Only the revolts in Jordan,parts of Syria and Palestine work as the other failed. Leading to the set up of Hussein Emirate of Jordan and Sharifian Palestine and State of Damascus..


Arab revolts become more common as well as Turkish nationalism.

US joins the war and US,France,and UK spies are sent to help Arab Revolts in Iraq and Syria.


Ottomans begin to work on leaving the Great War.

The Russian civil war begin.


WW1 ends

Result Allied victory

  • End of the German, Russian, Ottoman, and Austro-Hungarian empires
  • Formation of new countries in Europe and the Middle East
  • Transfer of German colonies and regions of the former Ottoman Empire to other powers

1918 map of the Asia and Europe 

Russian civil war 

the idea of Pan Arabism becomes more accepted among Arab countries and government. 


German Revolution begin. 

The US begin to send troops Kurdistan and Mesopotamia. 


 German Revolution continue with no end in sight. 

The Jordanian Civil War breaks out between the Pan Islamist and Pan Arabism. 


  The Germany Revolution begins to bog down. 

The Jordan Civil war ends with an Arab victory. 


 The Germany Revolts continue to bog down.

The Damascus - Jordan war breaks out 


 The Germany Revolution begin to see some victories for the Free Socialist Republic of Germany.

The UK and France begin to take notice of Communist uprising.across Europe. 

The Damascus - Jordan war continues  


The Germany Revolution begin to see major victories for the Free Socialist Republic of Germany.

The Damascus - Jordan War ends with a Jordan victory. 


The Russian and German Civil war ends with a Communist victory, leading to a cold war with the new states and UK and France. 

Due to this France UK begin to fear that Persia will fall to Communism, and begin to supply anti Communism groups in Persia. 

Persia falls into a civil war. 


A rebel group in Germany called The National Socialist German Workers (NAZI) and stages a coup called Beer Hall Putsch with most to all ring leaders being put to death excluding Hitler and Hermann Göring as Hitler is given Life but only does 5 after begin released on good behavior,making his book Mein Kamph.      

Persian civil war ends with a communist victory.      


The Socialist Republic of Germany begins a purge killing political and some times personal enemies causing huge distrust among the people and the government..      


Germany falls into it's 2nd civil war between the Nazis and Communist.            


             The German civil war begin to see small victories for the Nazis.              


The German civil war ends with Adolf Hitler picked as the leader.            


               Germany (you know what will happen)              


             Germany (you know what will happen)              


             Germany (you know what will happen)              

Damascus and Iraq begin to adopt Ba'athism allying with Hitler.            


             Germany (you know what will happen)              


             World War 2 begins.              

Damascus begins an invasion of Syria copying Germany tactics.            

Iraq begins an Invasion of Mesopotamia copying Damascus.            

The Final Solution begins in Germany.            


Germany does its own thing.            

Damascus begins an invasion of Palestine taking it over in weeks.            

Iraq begins an invasion of Kurdistan taking over vast land in a few weeks.            

The US begins to send troops to the Middle East.            


Germany does its own thing.

Iraq takes over all of Kurdistan and Kuwait.

Damascus begins an invasion of Turkey.

Nejid and Hejaz joins the allies.


Germany does its thing.

Iraq invades Nejid.

Damascus begin to take vast land of Turkey and begins an invasion Egypt.


Germany does it own thing.

Iraq invades Persia taking vast land.

The USSR send troops to help Persia.

The Final Solution begins in Iraq.

Damascus invasion of Egypt ends at Cairo after begin stopped by British forces.

Iraq invades Hejaz but stops due to a sand storm.


Germany does it own thing.

Persia begin to push back Iraqi forces with USSR help. 
1941 Axis

Damascus begin to invaded Sudan.

The Final Solution begins in Damascus.

Iraq and Germany begins an invasion of USSR.

Pearl Harbor happens .enter full American forces into the war.



The Iraqi begin to lose land in Hejaz, Persia and Nejid

Damascus is pushed out of Sudan and by American and British forces.


The tide turn as USSR forces push German forces out of Russia.

B troops in Palestine

Damascus forces are pushed out Palestine and Jordan by British and American forces.

Iraq is pushed out of Persia and USSR after fighting on too many fronts.

1944 == The Axis begins to be pushed back as Damascus lose control of Turkey to UK and Iraq lose Kurdistan to USSR and Persia to Persian.                       

The US and UK invade France (under Axis control) D-Day.                       

The US and UK invades Damascus.                       

Persia invades Mesopotamia                       


World Wars 2 ends (you know how)                       

Three nuclear bombs are dropped one Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Nawa.      

Damascus is annexed into Syria.      

The country of Kuwait and Khuzestan is made severing as Persian communist puppets.      

1945 end


The Cold War begins      

India is decolonize  making Pakistan and India.  

Cold war 1947

Israel including Palestine and Lebanon is made causing a war with it's Arab neighbor: Nejid,Hajiz,Jordan,Egypt,Syria, and Iraq supported by Kuwait and Khuzestan and USSR

French Indo war begin


The 1st Arab Israel war ends with an Israeli Victory with US help.

The country of Jordan adopts the idea of Pan Islamism causing a rifted across the arab world after losing hope in Pan Arabism.


The Chinese Civil War begins.

Xinjiang rebels begin to gain land.


The Chinese civil war continues

The Xinjiang rebels begin to take over major cities.


The Chinese Civil War ends with Communist and Xinjinang victory. Turkistan Islamic Emirate.

Rebellions across Algeria most being nationalist.


Rebellions across Indonesia most being religious.

French Indo war ends with the same ending.

Most Rebels groups in Algeria become more Islamist.

Tension with Israel and Arab neighbor rise

Kuwait falls into a rebellion replacing the Communist regime with a US backed monarchy.


Islamist rebels in Sudan begin to rise.

Islam begin to spread to Brazil at a high rate.

Turkey detonate their 1st nuclear weapon causing it to be sunned by most of it western neighbors and members of the EU.


Tension between China and USSR begin to rise after Stalin dies


More US advisory teams are sent to South Vietnam

Islam begin to spread to Brazil at a high rate reaching three percent.


Indonesia rebellion spills into a civil war after Netherlands troops pulled out.

More Islamist rebel groups begin to lose to Secular rebel groups and the french in Algeria.


Most to all Islamist groups are defeated in Algeria by Secular rebel groups in Algeria.

Indonesia war ends with an Islamist victory.


US enters the Vietnam war.


The Vietnam war begins to escalate

The Sino-Indian War begins and ends with a Chinese victory


The US people begin to dislike the Vietnam War

Algeria gains independence from France as a secular nation


demonstrations in 1964 in the US grew against the war (Vietnam War)


South Thailand insurgency begin to rise


The Six day war begins and ends with an Israeli victory leading to the War of Attrition

Era of Awakening


War of Attrition ends

Rise of PLO attacks


Soviet–Afghan War begins with a high number of fighters coming to join on the mujahideen from Arab nations (ex Ibn al-Khattab, Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, and Osama bin Laden) They all link up in Jalalabad where they talk about forming a group.

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