What would have happened if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had died in the bombing of his house?

How would the Civil Rights Movement have happened?

More Importantly, how would the World have been affected.


December 1st: Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat. She is arrested and charged with violating Alabama Segregation Laws. Dr. Martin Luther King Fr soon helped organize the Montgomery Bus Boycott.


January 29: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr develops a cold. He is forced to not attend the mass meeting at the First Baptist Church the next day.

January 30: White Supremacists bomb Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's House. The King dies in the bombing.

January 31: Two African Americans, Tyrone Carter and Malik Williams, outside D. MLKJ's house get told to go home by Officer Steve Johnson. The African Americans refused, and the Officer called in support for "two dangerous African Americans". When the additional Officers arrived, they found the situation had spiraled out of control. Steve had pointed his gun at Malik and told him to get a job, and insulted him. While insulting him, the gun went off by accident and Malik was killed instantly. Several Dozens of the Angry Crowd came with weapons, and began firing at any White People, Officer or otherwise. The Police responded by firing back into the Crowd. 39 people died, and over 112 were wounded. The additional support arrived at this time, and eventually most of the Crowd was dead, wounded, arrested, or had fled.

February 5: The Montgomery Riots  would soon begin. These would be the darkest days of Montgomery history.

February 6: A bus is blown up by Militant African Americans, known as the Nation of Islam. The African Americans were stated to have been yelling: "Take this seat!" while tossing the bomb.

February 6: In retaliation for the attacks, several KKK members were seen

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