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  • 1261: Daniel of Moscow Dies at Birth
  • 1263: Alexander Nevsky dies
  • 1264: Yaroslav III gains control of Moscow.
  • 1271: Ninth Crusade Begins.
  • 1271: Yaroslav of Tver Dies. Michael of Tver becomes Prince of Tver and Grand Duke of Moscow.
  • 1272: crusaders withdraw from the middle east.
  • 1275: Magnus becomes the king of Sweden.
  • 1279: Mongols begin slow expansion north
  • 1284: Andrey of Gorodets invades Novgorod with the Golden Horde.
  • 1286: The invasion results in a victory, and Dimitry is exiled. Andrey of Gorodets becomes the ruler of Novgorod.
  • 1301: Sweden continues to expand into Finland. Novgorod begins to expand west
  • 1302: The ottomans defeat the Byzantines at the Battle of Bapheus.
  • 1304: Andrey of Gorodets dies Heirless, a war of succession insues
  • 1315: Great Famine Begins 
  • 1316: Novgorodias massacre Tverian trades.. Short border war begins in the north. The war ends with a treaty keeping the borders at status quo ante bellum

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