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This is the overview timeline of events in The British Ain't Coming. This includes both OTL events and events affected by the PoD.


  • c. 65 million years ago: An asteriod at least 6 miles in diameter crashes into the landmass that would have become the British Isles, destroying the landmass and triggering a mass extinction. It lands in the OTL Liverpool area.

0 CE - 600 CEEdit

  • c. 410 CE - c. 560 CE: The Germanic Anglo-Saxon tribes migrate and settle along the northern coast of present-day Anglia.
  • mid-5th century: The Old English language begins to develop in Anglo-Saxon lands.

600 CE - 1000Edit

  • 772-804: Charlemagne leads the Frankish conquest of the Anglo-Saxons. Anglo-Saxon land, including those in the west are annexed into the Frankish Empire.
  • 933: The islands of Guernsey, Alderney, and Sark are annexed by the future Duchy of Normandy, combining the three islands into the Balliwick of Guernsey. Jersey is also annexed, and becomes the Balliwick of Jersey.
  • 962: The Holy Roman Empire is established in Central Europe.


  • 1513: The Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon first sights Florida.
  • 1524: Tuscan explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano first sights the area which would be New Orange.

1600 - 1700Edit

  • 1625: New Amsterdam City is founded by the Dutch.
  • 1644: The Qing dynasty is established in China.

1700 - 1800Edit

  • 1750: After the annexation of Vermont in North America, France declares war on the Netherlands, leading to the Vermont War.
  • 1753: The Siege of Montreal ends with the city's surrender, ending the Vermont War.
  • 1763: New Netherland declares its independence from the Netherlands, becoming the United States of New Orange.
  • 1776: The Treaty of Paris makes the independence of New Orange official, as the Netherlands must recognize the state as per the treaty.
  • 1789: The storming of the Bastile in Paris marks the start of the French Civil War.
  • 1799: Anglia declares its independence from France.

1800 - 1900Edit

  • 1803: New France declares its independence, and then splits into Louisiana and Canada, but then Canada is quickly invaded by Royalist Forces, which quickly reestablish French control over the territory.
  • 1830: The Kingdom of Belgium declares its independence.
  • 1831: The Ten Days' Campaign successfully crushes the Belgian rebellion. As part of the Treaty of Brussels, the Netherlands decentralizes into constituent countries, among them Belgium. Flanders becomes its own constituent country, as per the Flemish's wishes to separate from the rest of Belgium.
  • 1846: Russia and Louisiana sign the Oregon Treaty in New Archangel, settling the disputed border at the 51st parallel north.
  • 1880s: Florida is formed from former Spanish colonies in mainland North America and the Caribbean.