This is the timeline for The Bolshevik:1916.


20 April 1916: The Zurich Conference: all the major anti-tsarist parties of the Russian Empire merge to create the Socialist-Revolutionary and Bolshevik Party. POD

27 February 1917: February Revolution begins in Russia.

3 March 1917: Tsar Nicholas II abdicates. The Socialist-Revolutionary and Bolshevik Party assumes power under Vladimir Lenin.

20 April 1917: Josef Stalin, Lenin's third in command, condemns the new government as 'abandoning the cause of the Bolsheviks'. He, along with other dissulusioned Bolsheviks Lev Kamenev and Grigory Zionviev, form the Bolshevik Troika to rival the provisional government.

7 August 1917: Russia signs a peace treaty with Germany, pulling out of World War I.

12 December 1918: World War I ends.

10 April 1919: The Treaty of Amsterdam (equivelent to OTL Treaty of Versailles) is signed.

10 November 1919: A small revolt against the provisional government of Russia is crushed by the Red Army. Tsar Nicholas II, fearing being blamed, flees to Britain.

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