This is the first section of the timeline for Task Force 91. Part two is here: Timeline Part 2

June 3rd, 1942, 15:24- Task Force 91 materializes in the middle of the Pacific. Many sailors/soldiers are killed for unknown reasons, the rest in a comatose.

June 3rd, 1942, 15:37- 9 bombers headed to intercept a Japanese cargo group run into Task Force 91. Bombs are dropped, but no hits are achieved. Bombers head back to their own naval group to report back to Nimitz and Spruence.

June 3rd, 1942, 16:41- The first of the Task Force group begins to wake up. Admiral Cole Tucker in his command ship USS Barrack Obama, and begins to take carge of the situation.

June 3rd, 1942, 16:59- Admiral Spruence sends an encrypted burst towards Washington informing of "Strange huge ships in the Pacific, seemingly alien of nature".

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