Timeline for Swedish Superpower.

1700 - 1799

1700: The Great Northern War begins when Denmark, Poland-Lithuania, and Russia attack Sweden. Charles XII of Sweden outmaneuvered the Danish blockaded and landed an army near Copenhagen. Denmark is knocked out of the war.

1700: The Swedish army is redeployed to Ingria, where it deals a devastating blow to the Russian army in the Battle of Narva. Following the battle, Sweden pursues the Russian army to Rauge, where Peter the Great is killed and the Russian army is destroyed. With its Tsar gone Russia sues for peace.

1702: In an easy victory, the Swedish cross the Düna and the Saxon and Polish armies retreat. Sweden takes control of Courland. Following this battle, the Swedes provide relief for the defenders of Riga, and force the Polish to end their siege.

1703: Charles defeats another Saxon-Polish army in the Battle of Kliszów. This opened up Poland to a Swedish invasion.

1704: Stanisław Leszczyński becomes king of Poland-Lithuania after Augustus the Strong is dethroned. Stanislaw was selected by Charles to become king, and a Polish-Swedish alliance is born.

1706: Augustus is finally defeated in the Battle of Fraustadt. After this battle he is forced to denounce his claim to the throne and Poland makes peace with Sweden. Following this defeat, the Great Northern War is over with Sweden victorious.

1707: The Swedish join the War of the Spanish Succession on the side of France and Spanish loyal to Philip V.

1710: France wins the War of the Spanish Succession and the Union of France and Spain is created, commonly known as the Union. Sweden is allied with the Union. In a sign of good will, Sweden is given the area of OTL Georgia as a colony.

1714: The Eight Years War begins when the Hasburg Empire, angry over the amount of territory taken from it by the Union and Sweden, invades Poland-Lithuania.

1720: Alexei I of Russia declares war on Sweden and sends his armies to take Ingria and Karelia. Despite being outnumbered, the Swedish win and force the Russians back.

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