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17th Century

  • 1699:
    • Venetian War: Anti - Venetian rebellion in Morea forces Venice to accept Ottoman terms in Venetian War.
    • Peace of Karlowitz: Venice forced to give up Morea, Dalmatia and Lepanto to Ottoman Empire.
    • Peace of Karlowitz: Ottoman Empire cedes Hungary to Austrian Empire.

18th Century

  • 1701:
    • War of Spanish the Succession: Conflict breaks out between Louis XIV of France and Leopold I of Austria over empty throne of Spain.
  • 1702:
    • War of Spanish the Succession: Great Britain and United Provinces ally with Austria. Cologne, Spain and Bavaria ally with France.
  • 1703:
    • War of Spanish the Succession: Fall of Cologne to British and Dutch Forces. Hungarian rebels march through Austria to Bavaria, and join the Franco - Bavarian Army.
  • 1704:
    • War of Spanish the Succession: Battle of Blenheim. British, Dutch, German and Austrian forces defeat the Franco - Bavarian Army.
  • 1706:
    • War of Spanish the Succession: French evicted from northern Italy. Spanish lose Naples to Austrians. Madrid occupied by British troops.

  • 1709:
    • Great Northern War: Swedish diplomats successfully convince the Cossacks, Tartars and Ottomans to ally with the Swedish king Charles XII against the Russians.
    • Great Northern War: The combined Ottoman, Tartar and Cossack armies join with the Swedes south of the town of Poltava.
    • Great Northern War: Battle of Poltava. Russia crushed by Charles XII and his allies. Peter the Great flees to Moscow.
    • Great Northern War: Kiev and Kharkhov fall to Ottoman forces.
    • Great Northern War: Swedish armies march north and capture Smolensk in November.

  • 1710:
    • Great Northern War: Danish army defeated at battle of Halsingborg.
    • Great Northern War: Swedish troops land on Zealand and march on Copenhagen.
    • Great Northern War: Fall of Minsk to Swedish troops.
    • Great Northern War: Charles XII besieges Moscow. The Tsar and his few remaining troops are forced to surrender.
    • Treaty of Riga: Russia cedes 1000 sq mi of its northern territory and all of Karelia to Sweden. Russia also drops all claims to the Swedish lands. Poland - Saxony cede White Russia, and Denmark - Norway cede Frederikshald to Sweden. Russia also cedes much of Ukraine to the Ottomans, Tartars and Cossacks.
    • St. Petersburg renamed Charlsborg. It is the third largest city in the Swedish Empire.

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