• April 6th  The Pacific Northwest declares itself the Independent nation of Cascadia after high tensions with the US and Canadian government
  • April 7th  Signs are painted over as being in the state of Cascadia, civilians make makeshift roadblocks on all entering roads to the declared country.
  • April 8th A clash with a woman and US soldiers in Portland is recorded on live television.
  • April 10th Northern California and Southern Oregon see their chance for the long awaited statehood, they see declaring themselves as an independent land will give them a reason to become a territory and eventually rejoining the states as its own state, the State of Jefferson.
  • April 11th The USA declares Operation Takeback, a `peaceful` plot to take back the land - their land.
  • April 12th Jefferson Residents dissemble the power lines connecting it to the rest of California.
  • April 16th A government platoon is massacred with a shotgun while trying to takeover Medford in Jefferson.
  • April 17th A riot occurs in Vancouver between military forces and Rebels. Twenty die, all civilians.
  • April 18th The Constitution of Jefferson is started. The military threaten to use deadly force to take back Cascadia
  • April 19th A fire is started in Dawson Creek, British Columbia county, Cascadia and the town burns to the ground killing a third of it's residents, another third die from Hypothermia hiking to safety, the Canadian governments response to the incident boosts support for the Succession of west Canada by 14% in the general public to 39%
  • April 21st A bomb goes off in train 221 en route to Washington D.C from Redding, Jefferson.
  • April 23rd Food distribution in the Jefferson area is stopped to try and starve the rebels out of battle.
  • April 27th  The starving tactics spawn outrage in the public boosting the support for the Jefferson succession 
  • April 29th  Rebels in Cascadia take over public buildings in six towns including Portland,Oregon. they encourage others in the fight for freedom.
  • April 30th A Molotov cocktail is thrown at police in Portland.                           
  • May 1st Cascadia warns the US public that it has found multiple tactical  missiles in a US bunker  and has them aimed at various cities ready for launch if the US and Canadian troops don't retreat. Fear of the rebels soars worldwide, getting Cascadia rebels declared as a terrorist organization.
  • May 2nd Two Marines are kidnapped and have a live video stream of them shown on TV. The US is told to retreat and recognized the independence of Cascadia or the two soldiers will have fates worse than death shown on public TV. The federal US government tries to shut down the station previously known as West Coast News.
  • May 3rd The families of the two soldiers beg the government to retreat or they will organize mass protests aimed to further divide the country.
  • May 5th A convoy of 7000 US soldiers is sent into the centre of Seattle, they are swarmed by over 34,000 protesters most deaths were from stabbing, the protesters used dead bodies as human shields. Body parts of the soldiers are fed to Pro American protesters on live TV.     
  • May 6th Support for the movement in Cascadia and Jefferson are gunned down, mixed feelings surround the general public.
  • May 8th The Families of the two soldiers encourage citizens of Northern Maine to Separate from the south, the Idea begins to catch on as the citizens of Maine don't think of themselves as being a part of southern Maine.       
  • May 12th The citizens of northern Maine protest for their right to become the State of North Maine. 
  • May 14th The US government denies the request and says, Just go join the rest of 'em. This sarcasm ends up working against them as the 89% of North Mainers sign a declaration of Independence.
  • May 16th US troops are placed in Maine to prevent chaos.
  • May 18th Martial Law is declared in Washington, Idaho Oregon and North California.  
  • May 20th A chemical bomb goes off in Seattle killing over 20,000. The government blames rebels and vice versa. The UN ignores both claims and points out that who ever bombed Seattle only the US government could have made the bomb.
  • May 22nd  

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