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1925 - Director Harold H Hoyt Film "The Lost World" base on AC Doyle book is released. The Dinosaurs are created by Willis O Brian. (As in Otl)

1927 - With the Success of "The Lost World" O Brian convinces Hoyt to do a film of Frankenstein. O Brian animates the Creature. (O Brian wanted to do this film but could not talk Hoyt into it. in OTL)

1929 - With the Success of Frankenstein , O'Brian talks Hoyt into making the Film "Atlantis" In the Film a Greek visit Atlantis were they use advance science to control Dinosaurs and Giant Squids. He Island Sinks when a Volcano explodes and The Greek leads a group of escape slave to safety fight off the Creatures and the Giant squids. Hoyt and O'Brian fought over the Film and it was their last film together. It was released in both a Silent and a sound version. O Brian was not involved in the Soundtrack and hated the voices and the Music used. (O Brian and Hoyt did consider doing a film like this in OTL. But again it never was made)

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