Timeline (Spanish Armada Win) diverges from normal history in that it hypothesizes that the Spanish succeeded in defeating the English in the undeclared Anglo-Spanish War (1585 - 1604, or until 1588 in this alternate timeline). It postulates the annexation of England (and indeed a great part of the British Isles) into the expanding Spanish Empire of Phillip II, and the consequences of such a defining event in world history.

General Timeline

1588: The Marquis of Santa Cruz (who died prior to the launching of the Armada in real history) defeats Francis Drake and the English navy decisively at the Battle of Gravelines. The Armada then made landfall in Flanders, linking up with the Duke of Parma and his well armed and battle hardened Spanish troops for an invasion of England. From here, with no English defence of the channel, the Spanish began an invasion of England with 40,000 troops beginning in late October.

1588 - 1617: The so-called Long War of England, beginning as a standard conflict but ending as a guerrilla war between English irregulars and Spanish forces in Britain.

1589: Mercenaries (mostly German, Flemish or Walloon) are hired to assist in taking over England. They are known for their cruelty and barbarianism against the local populace.

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