• 1479: The POD. Isabella of Castile and Leon marries John II of Portugal rather than Ferdinand II of Aragon.
  • 1492:
    • The Spanish Inquisition begins. Spanish Jews are given three months to accept Christianity or leave Spain.
    • Isabella and John II fund Christopher Columbus's voyage to the New World.
  • 1495: Columbus lands back in Lisbon. He reports the discovery of the Antilles, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Hispaniola, Cuba, and the Bahamas, which he names las Mil Islas, Quersoneso de Oro[1], Tabrobaña[2], San Remigio, San Benito, and las Islas de la Nueva Galicia, respectively.
  • 1496:
    • The Castilian-Portuguese monarchs send out fleets to colonize the New World, starting with the Mil and Quersoneso, and later in the year, San Remigio.
    • Aragon begins its invasion of Navarre, seeking an Atlantic coast with which to colonize the New World.
  • 1497:
    • Spanish fleets continue to be sent out to the New World. Tabrobaña, San Benito, Nueva Galicia are first colonized, and Florida is discovered and named Oeste de la India.
    • Navarre surrenders to Aragon.
  • 1498:
    • Aragonese fleets begin sailing to the New World. They land in what they believe to be San Benito, but is in reality around the area of OTL Venezuela. They found the colony of New Valencia.
    • French fleets begin sailing to the New World, landing in OTL Georgia. They found the colony of Terre-Louis.
    • England begins readying a colonial fleet.
  • 1499:
    • Spanish colonies extend into Oeste de la India and the Yucatan, which is named Isla Maya under the mistaken belief that it was an island rather than a peninsula.
    • Terre-Louis expands.
    • New Valencia expands.
    • English fleets are sent out and colonize the region around OTL Pennsylvania, naming the colony New Cornwall.
  • 1500:
    • New Cornish settlers get into skirmishes with Algonquins.
    • Colonies continue to expand. Terre-Louis and New Cornwall now border.
    • Greenland is claimed by the Kalmar Union.
    • New Valencians and settlers in the Mils get into conflict with the Arawak. Arawak territory is claimed by both Spain and Aragon.

      Map of the world in 1500

[1] After the mistaken belief that it was Indochina, or as it was known at the time, the Aurea Chersonesus (Quersoneso de Oro in Spanish). It would later be shortened to simply "Quersoneso".

[2] After the mistaken belief that it was Sri Lanka, or as it was known at the time, Taprobane (Tabrobaña in Spanish).

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